March 23, 2011

Lead singer of Kiss Gene Simmons slams Israel boycotters

TERROR ATTACK – Jerusalem blast leaves 1 dead, dozens injured

Israel braces for flare-up as Gazan rockets hit

Desecration, attacks at ancient Jewish cemetery

13 detained crossing border in phony U.S. Marine uniforms

While the world burns,….Military indoctrinated on gays kissing, behavior

“This command-and-control business is complicated, and we haven’t done something like this kind of on-the-fly before,” U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates

Camp Lejeune Marines To Libya

Who’s in charge? Germans pull forces out of NATO as Libyan coalition falls apart

Al Qaida commander backs Libyan rebels in message

Joe Biden Warned In 2007 That He’d Impeach Bush For Waging War Without Congressional Approval
what could possibly go wrong ?

Libya No-Fly Zone Will Soon Be Run by….‘Political Steering Committee’?

Yemen’s President Ali Abdullah Saleh warns of civil war

Supreme Court delivers two setbacks for business – makes it easier to sue,0,86149.story

Uncovered: Did the Leftist Encouraging Economic Terrorism Have Access to Obama’s White House?

Revealed — The Left’s Economic Terrorism Playbook: The Chase Campaign by a Coalition of Unions, Community Groups, Lawmakers and Students to Take Down US Capitalism and Redistribute Wealth & Power

Steve Lerner’s plan – Let’s start at the beginning: Who is Steve Lerner?

Stephen Lerner

Ex-Giants great Lawrence Taylor declared sex offender, sentenced to 6 years probation in hooker case
“I DON’T CARD THEM”: Lawrence Taylor Discusses His Prostitution Bust With Shep Smith

Actress Elizabeth Taylor dies at age 79

DHS and NCAA launch ‘If you see something, say something’ campaign

Governor Signs Abortion Bill – 3 day wait after Dr visit

Sedgwick, Maine, has approved a “food sovereignty”

Obama’s ending Americas tour by a couple of hours, cuts Mayan visit

Religion may become exticinct

Bloomberg funds campaign-style ad rebutting foes

Still No Recovery In: Jobs, Housing, Energy Use, Consumer Credit

Another Reporter Utters Gibberish On Live TV After Suffering ‘Medical Issue’

US to auction off Wyoming coal reserves

Useless Creep News…

Another Celeb Ruins it, Garth Brooks on Obama: I Love Him to Death; It’s Got to Be Hell In That Office

Surprise…Another Criminal Rapper

Chris Brown goes on rampage at ‘Good Morning America’ after he’s asked about Rihanna beating case

‘Kathy Griffin Wants A Tony’ Opens On Broadway (VIDEO)

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