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Wonder why Obama rushed down to Rio?  It is because Brazil has off shore oil from drilling off its southeast coast, one of the worlds largest.  An adage, behind every cloud there is a silver lining. Line the deep pockets of Commie Soros with oil profits. Soros, the hedge fund tyrant, is the chief manipulator in the world’s oil production activity. Also, why did the US release a two billion dollar loan to Brazil for offshore drilling? POTUS disregards the Libyan war maneuvers and travel suddenly to Rio.  Obama probably received a call from the master of the worlds interests.  His only concerns  lie with investment funds to donors of his political campaigns.  Yes, we have oil off and in the US coast, but not allowed to drill due to the  concerns to the environment.  I am so weary of  these political implications.  We have vast energy resources in the US.  Largest supply of natural gas in the world, all the oil in ANWAR and off our own coast.  Now there is a nuclear debate because of the failure of Japan’s reactors.

You want to pay $5.00 per gallon for gas? How is your home heated? How was the winter heating bill for Americans? Does our government care any longer? Let us ask George Soros. He has all the answers to the revolutions.

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