March 21, 2011

Harry Reid Defends NPR: I Heard a Really Good Piece on ‘Dog Racing’

What Liberal Bias? Biden Hires WaPo Reporter

Wisconsin Judge Maryann Sumi & Her (SEIU, AFL-CIO) Political Operative Son

Wisconsin Judge Maryann Sumi & Her (SEIU, AFL-CIO) Political Operative Son

Biden to Union Socialists: You Keep “Barbarians from the Gate”

Japan, Franklin Graham

Another big one could be coming

Food Ban? IAEA corrects statement to say Japan is considering a ban, not has applied ban already

“A New Dawn Rises”

Allen West’s Call to Action Just Released

“Exposing the IMF”

Islamic law okay to proceed

We’re no better than last year. What recovery ?

Obama and family do Brazil

Los Angeles Journalist Interviews Helen Thomas For Playboy

Israel to monitor leftists

Hamas fires on Israel

World starves America burns food

Japan’s Meltdown and the Global Economy’s

Gunfire Erupts During Wisconsin Standoff — Officer Dies — Video

Not Looting: Scavaging the wreakage for survival…Looting is busting in and taking, not for survival but greed!

‘Contemplated Suicide’: Bullied Casey ‘The Punisher’ Tells his Story on Australian TV

Farrakhan warns Obama and people, cival war coming

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says his replacement as Iranian president has already been chosen by allah,7340,L-4044415,00.html

11 countries that could be the next Libya

Allen West call to action

How dumb are we ?

Citizenship test

Can You Name the VP? 38% Fail Citizenship Test — Blame Capitalism

Socialists Flood Chicago Immigration Rally: ‘Open the Fu**ing Borders’

Here’s What’s Scary About American Investors Pouring Cash Into Japan

About 35 Arrested at Rally For Wikileaks Suspect

The Supermoon
The moon is BIG over the Greek Parthenon tonight…in case you haven’t noticed.

Nancy Pelosi Hospitalized in Rome

Lawrence O’Donnell Courts Glenn Beck Viewers With Definitive Answer On The Apocalypse: It’s Not Happening

FLASHBACK: Joe Biden: ‘Framers Intended to Grant Congress Power to Initiate All Hostilities, Even Limited Wars’
– After studying the constitutional language governing the use of military force and the debates that the Framers had on the issue, Joe Biden in 1988 determined that the Founding Fathers had vested the power to authorize even the limited use of military force in the Congress, not the president—unless it was necessary for the president to act swiftly to repel an attack on the United States or to rescue U.S. citizens.

EPA Global Warming Regulations Could Send Economy Back Into Recession, Report Says
( – Regulation of greenhouse gasses by the Environmental Protection Agency could reverse the very modest economic recovery and even send it back into a recession, a report from the National Center for Public Policy Research finds. “These regulations,” author Dana Joel Gattuso wrote, “will have a more severe impact on energy costs, U.S. jobs, household income, and economic growth than cap-and-trade legislation would have had.”

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