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Obama Speech on Libya Taken From Bush Afghanistan

Looks like Obama’s teleprompter has a special place in it’s heart for Bush’s speeches

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U.S. Department of Justice changes its web site.

UnitedPatriots ofAmerica E-mail to UPA U.S. Department of Justice changes its web site. They are very subtle at it, and hoping most people will not notice the change. Until one day they wake up and wonder where did America go? … Continue reading

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Ah — I love Allen West!!

Why you should always silence your cell phone during an Allen West speech or at least choose a macho ring-tone.

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Anyone hear about this? I sure haven’t…the libturds want their own state in AZ…the state of denial…LOL

E Pluribus Tucson: Uprising in Arizona Liberals in Pima County, Disgusted With Their State, Prepare to Start a Better One U.S. NEWS MARCH 15, 2011 By TAMARA AUDI TUCSON, Ariz.—On the patio of a downtown bar here last Wednesday night, … Continue reading

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The Patriots News By JB Williams Jbwilliams09 On the eighth anniversary of the day President George W. Bush ordered US troops into Iraq in 2003, with the full support of the US Congress and majority support from the UN Security … Continue reading

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Why Is Rochester Subsidizing A Restaurant?? With Massive Budgets And No Money, This Is Not WHere We Need To Spend Our Resources!

Pier 45 gets a special deal from Rochester Pier 45, the stylish city-sponsored restaurant in the Charlotte ferry terminal, has been a culinary and artistic success. On warm summer evenings, guests line up to dine outdoors on the restaurant’s expansive … Continue reading

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