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CARL PALADINO The March 12, 2011 the Buffalo News front-page headline story “Paladino campaign reneges on debts” was apparently more important to its spineless publisher, editor and reporter than the tragic nuclear meltdown in Japan. The unsubstantiated, libelous and defamatory lies and fabrications illustrating the malicious and hostile intent of the News will not go unanswered.
My campaign owes nothing to Michael Caputo or his band of parasitic malcontents against whom we have defenses, offsets or counterclaims. None were employees. All were independent contractors on nebulous oral agreements made without authority by Caputo. Their plan was to see what they could rip off before they get caught.

Michael Johns was retained to study and produce a get-out-the vote plan utilizing Tea Party volunteers. He conspired to change the terms of his oral contract and got caught. He was paid in advance over $18,000 for two months of services and expenses. His bill for $8,000 is more than offset by our claim for services and work product never rendered.
Caputo retained Tim Suereth, who we knew as Tim Smith, without authority for $12,000/mo as a driver and general utility person until I discovered that bills from a company named Sea Odessey were from him. We paid him $31,912.23 for two and one half months work. He only drove me 2 or 3 times before I recognized that he was reckless. His wife was our relentless scheduler/jack of all trades who did a great job for us. Suereths claim for expenses of $6,300 pales against our claim for amounts paid fraudulently including the cost of moving Caputo’s pleasure boat from Florida to Albany.
It’s the same basic story for the rest. People with legitimate campaign obligations were paid in full. The scam artists can sue us. The News is not our judge and jury.

The News let itself be used in what is obviously an attempt at blackmail.

My companies and I pay all our legitimate bills.




You have no idea what it means to be fair and accurate. You already wrote your next dribble. You just want to say that I declined to comment. The community knows how you and your paper work.

You live in a bubble. No one with half a brain in WNY cares what you write.You’re a stooge for the spineless Stan Lipsey. Crawl back under your rock and tell spineless it is time to go home to Nebraska.

Your paper has been an elitist and progressive bastion preying on WNY and holding it down. You earned $16 million last year. You endorse incompetents for public office and senseless policies. We have a shameful, dysfunctional education system graduating less than 50% [25% of black males], which is the root problem of most of our social ills, and your paper has supported its incompetent superintendent who the community abhors.

You chastised me with a ridiculous front-page article about two of our properties that aren’t pretty to some neighborhood busy bodies that are clueless about our intentions, actions and the realities of development. Read Business First and Buffalo Rising if you want to learn about balanced journalism in development.

You say nothing about the blight in our city. 10,000 derelict buildings are waiting for demolition at a cost of over $200 million and the City only has money to knock down 300 structures this year but nevertheless brags that they have $80 million in the bank to mollify and get rid of the control board. We have more buildings go into derelict condition than we take down each year. Take spineless with you on a tour of the East side. Show him what our city has come to look like on his watch.

When the casino started construction we demolished the entire interior of 199 Scott St., removed all the dilapidated windows and frames, hauled out 125 dumpsters of trash at significant cost and made the building safe and secure. We intended a hotel/residential project only to have your newspaper support casino opponents who together with a national recession caused the Senecas to shut the project down. Add to that your involvement in scaring Bass Pro out of town and the reason for the lack of development may become apparent to you. The two-year recession totally shut down the banks and nothing was being built. Did you notice that? You said it was a fire hazard. There is nothing left inside to burn. No, it was my sign on the building that was bothering spineless and he commissioned his favorite hatchet man to write a hit story about me. It’s called free speech. Funny how spineless can dish it out but can’t take it.

You lied about the Greystone. The building is and has been secure. I can’ t control what happens on the sidewalk. We’ve had workers in the building doing careful and selective demolition for three months due to the nature of the building’s structure. You saw the dumpster. We are also suing the guy who sued us for damages he caused and we suffered as a result of his negligence in tearing down structural walls despite clear warnings. He brought the roof down on himself. Hes another brain surgeon.

You received a message on your blog from an unidentified, disaffected campaign malcontent who has no regard for truth or facts and you think you have a scoop. You don’t. There are people who didn’t get paid for good reason. Everyone who deserved to be paid was paid. They can go to court if they have a complaint. What business is it of yours? Its a civil matter.

Remember if you write something and have actual knowledge that what you write is not true, it obviates the need to prove malice even for a public person. In any event I believe we can prove malice. I caution you to be careful. Don’t for a minute think that I won’t haul you into court and subpoena every e-mail and document you, spineless and Evans ever wrote about me. I can’t wait to depose the three of you. You better not destroy the records. Judges don’t like people who do that.

You sit in a big room with many people who don’t respect or like you or your fearless editor and publisher and they watch what you do. They are good people with integrity and honor and they want the best for their community. They don’t like elitism nor do they like editorializing on the front page. Truth is truth. Give it up Jim. You are a messed up dude.

Print this as my statement in response to your inquiry.

To the thousands of people I have forwarded this memo to please feel free to forward it on to your friends and relatives and reprint it on your blogs and websites.


March 1, 2011
On Friday February 18, 2011 Scott Brown did a story on Channel 2, WGRZ about the Erie County Water Authority’s 20,000 sf tenancy in the Ellicott Square. He interviewed Gunner Tronolone, an objective and respected broker in the community, who purportedly said that if the Authority were to relocate to a location in Cheektowaga it could save $85,000 per year in rent. Authority Commissioner Jack ODonnell then stated that he was “shocked” and would seek better value elsewhere.
Brown admitted that the Ellicott Squares rent is competitive for downtown but didnt mention Mr. Tronolone’s statement that it was below market and actually below the cost of any comparable space downtown or in the suburbs. He also neglected to point out that the historic Ellicott Square has been home to the Authority for over six decades. He didnt consider relocation costs and didnt identify the space he was using for comparison or state that it has very limited windows and is located in an industrial setting surrounded by warehouses with no proximate services for employees. He didn’t say whether the competitor’s rent was net or gross when comparing nor did he give the name of the competitor. He didn’t acknowledge that the Ellicott Square is central for the Authority’s service area and easily accessible from every direction and most major bus routes terminate within two blocks.
Obviously the story was a hit piece concocted by a lazy and lame reporter and an immature Commissioner at the behest of political friends seeking favor with Andrew Cuomo and control of the Authority.
WGRZs negative attitude about development in downtown Buffalo is tragic. Jim Toellner, the station manager, saw no problem with the story even after he read Gunner Tronolones letter [copy attached], which said he was upset at the misrepresentation of facts in the story, and he felt he was used.
Yes, downtown parking is not free. Yes, the Ellicott Square has never had a real estate tax break always paying full value taxes and it has never had a grant or other such subsidy. Its rents today are the same as they were in 1990. It has suffered the loss of many tenants in the last few years as a result of the recession. In fact the loss of the Bass Pro deal at Canal Place destroyed the confidence of three jewelers who have been in the building for ages and they have left or are leaving. It has been a struggle to keep the building alive in a marketplace that is otherwise a disaster because of terrible public and private leadership.
The failure of Brown and ODonnell to disclose their personal relationship and other conflicts in a deceitful and unfair news story is a violation of journalistic ethics and a violation of the publics trust in a government official. ODonnell should know better, man up and not be led into the abyss by his friends. The smoke and mirror corrupt games of our local political/governmental class demean and are symbolic of the sick socio/economic condition of our community.
If a reporters wife or girlfriend were my political adversary, the reporter would be obliged to disclose the potential conflict. Likewise if a male reporters male significant other is my political adversary disclosure is required. Scott Brown did not disclose that his boyfriend has been my adversary for years and is part of a political cabal, which seeks to take control of the Water Authority and appoint Browns boyfriend as Executive Director.
The cabal also appears desperate to endear themselves to Andrew Cuomo. They assume that the potential loss of the Water Authoritys tenancy will shut down my criticism of Cuomo. The fact is I’m not intimidatable. If Brown is anticipating a special interview with Andrew Cuomo for doing his dirty work, he shouldnt hold his breath.
This is not a matter of what these press and political characters do in their private lives. This is about a non-story becoming a politically motivated story and it smells like the tactics of Andrew Cuomo and his thug aide Joe Procopaco.
The story would never have been but for relationships among political parasites who have spent their entire lives feeding at the public trough. When they are otherwise out of work they seek to nest at the Water Authority.
WGRZ does not have basic journalistic ethic.
Link to Scott Browns report:|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|featured#/Water+Authority+Paying+%24250%2C000+A+Year+In+Rent/795365826001



MARCH 9, 2011

I. State Issues – The Buffalo Board of Education [Board] must request that its Common Council and the Boards and Councils of the other Big Five cities in New York as well as all of their legislative delegations jointly petition the New York State Legislature to change state law to:

a. Taylor Law
As it pertains to teachers rescind the Taylor Law including the Triborough Amendment and its continuation of terms which is unique to New York and a horror to the taxpayers. In the 21st century, who really cares if teachers want to strike? Boards may hire monitors for students who would continue to attend for all normal school hours alleviating the concerns of parents.
Binding arbitration, which expires this year, is conducted by progressive Union minded PERB (Public Employee Relations Board) arbitrators grown in the fields at Cornell University who repeatedly throw the taxpayers under the bus granting extraordinary concessions to unions without regard to the community’s ability to pay. Elective cosmetic surgery costs $9 million per year.
Rescission will make spending on education efficient, productive and affordable and allow lower class size, residential schools and better quality. Outrageous teacher pension plans must be converted from defined benefit to defined contribution by negotiation or by way of a constitutional amendment submitted to referendum by the legislature.

b. NYS Education Law 3020-a
Repeal 3020-a of the NYS Education Law, which inhibits the administration’s ability to discipline incompetent tenured teachers at the expense of the student.
i. Teachers are privileged to be the single most influential impact on a student’s achievement. We want only the best teachers who realize the significance of their roles in our children’s lives.Ineffective and incompetent teachers contribute to our failing system. Impediments to discipline and removal are illogical and an insult to our citizens.
ii. Administrators mustequitably draw attention to and discipline incompetent teachers to improve their performance and ultimately fire them when necessary to ensure that only the most effective teachers are at the front of every classroom.

c. Charter Schools are the parents only weapon against failing public schools. Tax credits and/or vouchers will eventually provide absolute choice and should be a priority for legislation but in the interim we must:

i. Charter Capital: Provide Charters with equitable capital for buildings, improvements and equipment and the free purchase and use of vacant public school buildings to teach children of our City. New York City rents school buildings to charters for $1/year. Sale of closed schools at auction for a small percentage of value is asinine. ii. Charter Funding: The Charter School funding formula for operations provides only $12,500 per student or 54 % of total Board funding of $23,275 per child. Basic fairness dictates the allocation be increased significantly.

iii. PLA Schools: The Board must convert nine of its thirteen failed PLA [persistently low achieving] schools into Charters immediately. The Superintendent tried to dodge that option until the state corrected his interpretation of the rules. The legislature must restrict unfunded mandates.

d. Vouchers and Tax Credits:
There are 2298 students in Catholic elementary preK-8 schools in Buffalo. The religious leaders of all of the Big Five cities must enlist the cooperation of the parents of children who reside in the Cities to register their children in the public school system for the coming year for a short period of time to be determined after which they would return to their religious schools. Religious schools must do this while they still can. Public schools who register and accommodate all of the students or petition the legislature to finally approve vouchers and/or tax credits for all children of New York State. From chaos comes equity, fairness and in this case choice.

e. Appointed Board:

The Legislature must pass legislation for a school board appointed by the mayor and approved by the Council in all of the Big Five cities with members having minimum standards of education, experience and ability. Many members of the existing Board would qualify and should be appointed to bring institutional history to deliberations.

II. Local Issues

a. Spending

Careless and reckless spending contributes to the failure of our system. Efficiency and productivity cuts and decentralization empowering principals and ridding the system of an entire layer of administration will provide funds to impact student achievement.

b. Executive level administrators

Despite a 25% drop in student population in ten years the system has more executive level administrators today than ten years ago. Attached are lists of 90 executive level, non-union [26] and union [64] administrators in the Superintendents office with 2010 pay scales. [See attached schedule] Total executive staff cost, all in with a 55% benefit and insurance factor, was $8,065,000 for union and $4,033,000 for non-union totaling $12,098,000 averaging $134,400 per executive level administrator. Base pay average is $86,700 per year. The non-union staff duplicates the work of the union staff. The Superintendent created the redundant layer of administration because he felt that the unionized executive personnel were disloyal.

c. Teacher tenure

Tenure and last in first out seniority rules perpetuate the presence of ineffective and incompetent teachers. Tenure is an anachronism in the 21st century. Buffalo’s student-teacher ratio is 12:1 and New York City is 13:1. Nevertheless, Buffalo has a majority [13 of 25 schools statewide including New York City] in the lowest PLA level of failure. The problem is the quality of teachers in the classroom. In Washington, D.C., Ms. Rhee rid the District of tenure prospectively and bought back tenure from existing staff.

d. Campus West

When Campus West was operated by Buffalo State College it was a school of excellence. It began its descent into the abyss when the Board took over operations. Bad administration and the Union nightmare destroyed a good school. Would it return to a 700-student school of excellence if it were converted to a charter owned and operated by Buffalo State? In any event, relocating 300 students at great cost is absurd.

e. Special education

In 2008, 17.24% of Buffalo’s students were classified as students with disabilities, while the total for all public schools statewide was only 12.5%. In 2007-2008, Buffalo spent $17,060 per pupil for special education. We are told that the percentage of students with disabilities in 2010 has risen to in excess of 20% and 75% of them are so classified because they come from dysfunctional homes, are mal-nourished, ill-clothed and suffer attention deficits all of which would not be a problem if they had been removed from the homes at the formative ages of 5 or 6 and put into residential schools. The Board must retain an independent contractor to determine the needs of students with disabilities. The current system of evaluation by BTF members is abused to perpetuate special education staffing. Residential schools will eventually eliminate the need for most special education placements and monies saved may be used to fund the extra costs of residential schools.

f. Incentives and performance-based teacher evaluations

Teachers require incentives and performance-based evaluations. Teaching is an attractive career for those only looking for great benefits and union protection, as opposed to those who want to help students learn. Teachers need incentives to work harder at improving their students’ performance. Their salaries and job security should be based on how well they teach, not on how long they have been a teacher or how well their union contract was negotiated.

g. NYS Education Law 3012-c.

Buffalo’s Value Added scores should be published annually, allowing parents and taxpayers to see how effective each classroom teacher is and help in the evaluation of a teacher’s effectiveness.Timely implementation of Education Law 3012-c will encourage the most rigorous, meaningful and effective locally-selected evaluation measure to ensure only the best teachers are allowed the privilege of teaching our children.

h. Residential schools

Several years ago the Board received and rejected a proposal for a residential school. The Board must apply to the State Board of Regents to form a model demonstration project Residential Charter School. The Regents will look favorably on such a proposal because it will finally address the problem of dysfunctional homes in the most dysfunctional School District in New York State. Whether it is a SEED school or some evolution of the same, residential schools are vital to the success of our system. The middle class has fled the city because they refuse to send their children to city schools. All of the Charter Schools are full and they can’t afford the Catholic Schools. They have no alternative.
i. Residential schools present an opportunity to break the dysfunctional cycle of not only education but also many of our social ills including poverty. Taking children off of the streets into a nurturing environment where they receive consistent attention, stability and academic focus will answer the plight of our City.
ii. A SEED School fact sheet is attached. I presented the Board with the 60 Minutes video. SEED schools have a 98% college acceptance rate for their graduates. Buffalos college indicated students are less than 15% in stark contrast to New York City and the rest of the state. Board members should visit a SEED school and see for themselves the differences being made in the lives of disadvantaged and at-risk students.

iii. One logical option available is to form a residential Charter school on the teaching campus at Buffalo State where the ability to illustrate for the Regents the value of such schools would be a great challenge for staff and students. Next door to the teaching college is the historical Richardson Campus, which would serve as an ideal setting and practical reuse of the existing facilities with minimum costs. The Richardson Board has failed to find any practical reuse and apparently has just under $100 million to spend. Can anyone think of a better way to use the facility and spend the money than to solve the number one problem of Buffalo and its residents? We suggested this reuse to Richardson Board Chairman Stan Lipsey, Publisher of the Buffalo News, three years ago. He rejected the idea. He thinks the status quo in Buffalo is hunky dory as reflected by his support of the incompetent leadership of Superintendent Williams and Board member Florence Johnson.

i. Discharge The Superintendent:

1. Board meetings

The Board of Education holds two full Board meetings per month at which only “feel good” matters are presented by giving the illusion that everything is fine and dandy and no problems need to be discussed.
2. Board authority

The Superintendent commands an omniscient amount of power over the Board crippling its ability and initiatives to dictate policy. Stories abound on how information is denied to Board Members by the Superintendent who has even on occasion removed mail damaging to him from the Board members mailboxes.

3. Fraud

The Superintendent held back from the Board while it was considering an extension of his contract, two letters sent by the State, admonishing him for his failures and incompetence in administering the District. The Board can void his contract and fire the Superintendent for fraud in the inception of his contract, which they blindly extended without public discussion to 2014.

4. Abuse of Authority

Without informing or gaining the consent of the Board, the Superintendent arbitrarily and recklessly, without any authority over such policy issues, conspired with Florence Johnson to inform Buffalo State College that it was the Board’s intent to relocate the Campus West School and its 700 students at the end of the lease for no logical reason whatsoever and over the objection of parents and students.

5. Misfeasance

The owner of Sahlen’s hot dogs bought the best women’s soccer team in America. Needing a stadium that would hold 5,000 people with locker rooms, he left 3 separate unanswered messages for the Superintendent to rent All-High Stadium for soccer games which rent could have assisted greatly in the education of our children. Disappointed he moved the team to Rochester.

6. Illegal Hiring of Superintendent

Two years prior to his hiring, the Superintendent was fired from his position at Dayton, Ohio for incompetence and fiscal irresponsibility. Florence Johnson, President of the Board at the time, illegally and without prior consultation or vote of the Board, hired the Superintendent.

7. Incompetence

The Superintendent during his entire term has been a resident of Maryland. His family resides there. He has no personal affection for the people of the City of Buffalo, spends an inordinate amount of time at home or on nonsensical trips. He commands little if any respect in the community. He is not inclined to do anything meritorious to change the unacceptable status quo. Florence Johnson hired him because he was black and available. She did not hire him because he was the best person for the position. Our children are the most valuable gifts we have in life. Their futures and their lives are foremost on the minds of our citizens. They should not suffer at the hands of mediocrity if not incompetence. There is no time or place for racial or political decisions or to allow the waste, fraud and abuse of people with other agendas. We want the best leadership and the best educators. An incompetent Superintendent and insensitive Union President Phil (no teacher left behind) Rumore shamelessly feed at the public trough with little regard for the children and the Board blindly looks on, their attention diverted by minutia and rhetoric.

8. Deception

The Boards only tool in budget deliberations is a Budget Analyses Book devoid of in depth information and prepared at the direction of a manipulating Superintendent who believes that its an idea only if its his idea. He can rhetoric a dog off of a meat wagon and his searching monologs make paint peel. Obviously Florence Johnson who has been a Board member for eons does not understand the budget. The Board is much too trusting.

9. Cost and Percs

The Superintendent earns $224,000/year plus all customary benefits and extraordinary benefits like Cleveland clinic checkups every year at $16,000 each and a huge expense and travel account abused when he charges for his trips home to Maryland. He is the only public official in our local government to have his own 24/7 car with driver and gas for all private and business use. When Joel Giambra was County Executive, the hypocritical Buffalo News was astonished that he had a driver during the business day.

10. Resultech

Without specification or bid the Superintendent hired Resultech, a Maryland company with only a phone number (which was never answered) composed of his cronies who had no history in the expertise, to form at PS 44 an alternative school program for challenged students who were disrupting the mainstream schools. They immediately purchased laptop computers for every student, which were immediately sold on the black market. The effort was a complete failure, the company disappeared, the Board lost $8 million and the students were returned to mainstream schools where they have for the last 5 years completely disrupted the classrooms and created chaos for good students. The Superintendent has promised for 5 years to find a solution for alternative students who continue to disrupt the classrooms but has been too busy dining at Buffalo’s finer restaurants at Board cost and eating free lunches at the Boards culinary school. He has never made an attempt to retrieve the $8 million lost from the con or seek criminal charges against the conmen.

III. Other Issues:

a. Commisary

The Board has its own commissary, which produces meals as though nutrition was not an issue.

b. Coke
The Board recently signed a 10 year contract giving Coke an exclusive to serve its sugar to our children so that school principals could get a kickback used for student activities instead of funding those activities directly.

c. $25,000/child/year
The total all in school budget for the Board for 2010-2011 was $945.7 million. The combined public and Charter school enrollment is 40,631 or $23,275/child. Subtracting $78.2MIL given to the charter schools, the amount spent by the public school system in 2010-2011 was $867,500,000 which when divided by 33,492 students equals $25,900/child spent on educating primary and secondary students in the public system. The tuition at Nichols is $15,000/year., St. Joes, Canisius and Nardin are at $10-12,000/year.

d. Charter Funding
There are 7,149 students in the Charter Schools for 2010-2011. The $78.2 million allocated to the charters comes to $10,900/child. As of January 1, the allocation per child for Charter School student was increased to $12,500/child.

10 students/teacher

There are 33,492 students in the public school system which when divided by 3,408 teachers equals less than 10 students per teacher. There are 802 teaching assistants and aids, which comes to 42 students/teacher assistant or aid. There are 727 administrators, tech management, and etc. employees in the system equaling 46/student.

f. Residency

The Board works under a residency requirement, which the Courts will not enforce. We want the best education and teachers for our students. We hire good teachers under the “6 months to move into the City” rule and 6 months later they leave for the suburbs to work after we honed their skills. It is in the best interest of our children to do away with the residency rule so that we can get and keep the best teachers.

g. Section 6

Our charter school students should be allowed to participate in all Section 6 sports activities subject to reasonable insurance requirements.

h. Busing

Busing has destabilized neighborhoods. When it was ordered for desegregation the schools reflected the ethnicity of the City. Bussing is the single one factor that has contributed to the demise of the City and its schools. Currently 60% of the public school students are black, 70% of them are failing to graduate and the community is in crisis and we are still desegregating. Children in the same family are bussed to different schools. Parents suffer difficulty accessing schools distant from their homes. Schools are not used to program after school events. The time spent on buses is a missed exercise opportunity. Neighborhood groups are locked out of schools by arcane rules allowing lazy building janitors the authority to decide. Instead of using school facilities the City was compelled to waste money building recreation centers.

i. Neighborhood Schools

Our present choice school program does not work. It is ripping apart the family fabric and neighborhood strength that our City once had. It is time to return to neighborhood schools for k-6 and district schools for grades

The savings in bus transportation costs alone will cover this years deficit. Some specialized schools in the lower grades can continue to be choice schools.
j. Folasade Oladele

Folasade Oladele, the Deputy Superintendent has no experience as a school administrator. She is the former sales representative of CORE [Consortium Of Reading Excellence] Corp. The District has spent millions of dollars purchasing the CORE reading program, which is assailed by teachers as a joke. The results are obvious to everyone but the Board. Our elementary schools are failing. Does Ms Oladele have a continuing stake or interest in CORE? She and the Superintendent now blame white teachers for the failure to educate saying their differing cultural background is a problem for black kids. She wants all black teachers for the system.

k. Mark Frazier

Dr. Mark Frazier has been in charge of appointing and training principals. He was previously a supervisor. With 6 months experience as a principal he is responsible for most of the bad “political” principal appointments and training over the past 6 years. His appointments can be tracked directly to failing schools. A Tower foundation Grant also pays him and his staff of three Community Superintendents [all earning from the district at least $125,000/year,] above and beyond their district salary for the Principal’s Leadership Academy. They are double dipping. Most of the training sessions are conducted during the school day.

The above represent some of the more significant issues that require immediate and determined attention. Every journey begins with the first step and it is better to light one candle than it is to curse the darkness.
The Board has an obligation to bring focus on constructive and appropriate change of the status quo to actually educate all of the children of our City. The mindset that smart people are working on the problems is not true and defies the shame the community suffers from forcing thousands of 5 and 6-year-old children every year into a dysfunctional school system that we know will graduate less than 50% [less than 25% of black males in 2010, the 5th worst rate in the nation] condemning those children to a less than fulfilling life. We have the most expensive cost per pupil of any urban school district in the world.
The people demand change.
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