Utah’s Hatch, will not take a ‘stand’ on illegals destroying the state he supposedly represents….

“And all of you who don’t think we here don’t make a difference, you better read Hatch’s letter! He’s back peddling as fast as he can!”
Like the majority of pols sent to DC, they forget the very people they go to represent. It is all about power and colussion….

Senator Orrin Hatch:

Please consider this open letter our response to your letter posted on your website claiming that you oppose Amnesty and that ALIPAC has incorrectly informed thousands of your constituents on this issue.

You contradict yourself sir, when you claim you oppose amnesty yet you do not oppose HB 116 in your own state.

If you truly opposed Amnesty for illegal aliens sir you would vocally and officially oppose Utah HB 116 which is currently before Governor Herbert for signature or veto today. House Bill 116 seeks to override the laws of Congress, the US Constitution, and the will of approximately 70% of America’s actual citizens by allowing illegal aliens to lawfully displace and replace American workers, students, and eventually voters after paying a fine.

Our sources on the ground in Utah tell us that you are in cahoots on this plan to deflect Amnesty concerns on the state level and away from your deplorable voting record that shows a clear pattern of support for the mass invasion of America.

We plan to hold you and Governor Herbert politically accountable to the American public for this attempt to pass a form of Amnesty for the first time on the state level.

When Arizona passed their historic law SB 1070, they sought to merely enforce the existing immigration laws passed by our duly elected members of Congress.

Utah’s HB 116 seeks to overthrow the existing enforcement provisions passed by our Congress, overthrow the US Constitution’s requirement that all states be protected from invasion, and overcome the will of 70% of Americans who were opposed when polled concerning Utah’s HB 116. It is the same plan we have seen Republicans and Democrats push unsuccessfully in Washington DC over the last six years.

You have a horrible grade of D+ from NumbersUSA which is detailed at BetterImmigration.com Your votes are Yes votes on cloture to try to pass Amnesty bills like the McCain Kennedy S. 2611 in 2006. Then again you voted Yes on cloture for Amnesty bill S. 1348 in 2007.

You even voted yes on cloture in 2007 for the S. 2205 which is the Dream Act Amnesty.

Each time you voted yes the American public rose up and stopped you and the other sellouts in Washington from destroying what is left of America.

Now you want to pretend that you have nothing to do with the same version of legislation that just passed the legislature of Utah?

Senator Hatch, we are not just sending emails and posting this information about your efforts to pass Amnesty on our websites. We are releasing this information to the national media via press release. Talk radio show hosts across America are being advised of your role behind HB 116.

If Governor Herbert signs HB 116 into law, we will assure that every voter in Utah receives a personal letter and a phone call delivering the news of your involvement in passing an Amnesty for illegal aliens that is opposed by 70% of Americans.

The names Gary Herbert and Orrin Hatch are on the verge of going down in history associated with Amnesty for illegal aliens.

We must stop your plans to give amnesty to illegal aliens in Utah and then the rest of America via the Utah Compact because your plans will lead to more death and suffering experienced by innocent American workers, students, taxpayers, and voters.

Americans are losing their jobs, classroom seats, tax resources, and voting power beneath the tidal wave of millions of illegal immigrants coming to America for your promises of Amnesty.

While it is nice to hear you talk and walk like an American this close to your next election Senator Hatch, the trail of destruction you have helped create for millions of Americans is enough to warrant your removal from office by the delegates or voters of Utah.

HB 116 is the catalyst that will help keep the focus on your true stance of gaining Amnesty for illegal aliens. We look forward to your retirement and hope the delegates of Utah will send you the in the direction of deposed Senator Bennet.


William Gheen

Hatch’s letter:

March 10th, 2011 Media Contact(s): Jessica Fawson 202-228-3095
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The following letter was sent to Americans for Legal Immigration on 3/10/2011

Post Office Box 30966,
Raleigh, NC 27622-0966

March 10, 2011

Dear Mr. Gheen,

Recently you published a letter and sent emails to thousands of my constituents incorrectly informing them that I support Utah bill HB 116. I have not taken a position on this particular bill as I have the greatest respect for states’ rights and the right of the State of Utah to determine state laws.

I do not support amnesty and in fact have voted against it even during Ronald Reagan’s tenure as President. I opposed the McCain- Kennedy comprehensive immigration reform bill and voted against it twice. Most recently, I voted to strip the federal government’s funding of their lawsuit against Arizona’s immigration law. Let me underscore this point: I continue to believe that we must do everything to properly and finally secure our border. That should be our top priority. However, many of our nation’s problems result from a residual effect of a porous border and a breakdown of our immigration enforcement system.

This year, I re-introduced my strong enforcement immigration bill titled, Strengthening Our Commitment to Legal Immigration and America’s Security Act, which if enacted would curb identity theft; stop the abuse by this Administration from granting mass parole or deferral to illegal aliens; help prevent Mexican drug cartels from growing marijuana in our national parks and on our public lands; require law enforcement agencies that are elected and enrolled in the 287(g) and Secure Communities programs to administer them as intended. The legislation would also track the flow of federal and state welfare dollars given to illegal aliens and track foreign visitors leaving our country.

My bill has been endorsed by Numbers USA and has had other positive reviews by the Center for Immigration Studies and the conservative think tank, The Heritage Foundation. I hope that you will respect my position and I strongly urge you to correct the information posted on your website.

Sincerely, Senator Orrin Hatch


Please consider joining ALIPAC and help fight the illegal invasion… http://www.alipac.us/

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  1. Francis says:


    Again–those States that ignore public opinion and the billions of dollars extracted from public service and welfare programs to sustain illegal economic migrants and immigrants will initiate consequences of refugees arriving there from Arizona and other self-restriction States. If Oklahoma, Utah, Georgia Michigan, Florida legislators giving away to indulgent provisions, playing into the greedy hands of industry and other open border seeders. They too will be submerged by mass populations of illegal cheap labor, mainly from low income labor. These people are ready and willing to steal American jobs as they have been doing for three decades. Unsettled by new policing laws throughout the country, unknown numbers of foreigners will head in all directions looking for a better home.

    States that pander to illegal immigrants such as California, Nevada will get their fair share of paperless people, as they spread across the Southwest. California has been soaked for a 24 billion dollar deficit, so how much money is your State taxpayers out-of-pocket subsidizing anybody who makes it this side of the fence or through airports. Illinois itself has to make-up 15 billion dollar deficit, with $4.6 billion attributed to taxpayers paying for foreign illegal settlement. No State is immune if the State lawmakers who decide to tamper down rigid laws. YOU–end up paying for the education, health care and accumulation of other entitlement programs. The schools are crammed with illegal alien children, same with hospitals and the US jails and prisons. Education has flopped as teachers have to spend more time, with students who cannot comprehend English.


    Every State needs to be unswerving towards mandating E-Verify, 287 (G) and Secure Communities police programs. If you are here illegal and get caught, which you eventually will in some scenario you will be deported, with zero tolerance. Amnesty (blanket Amnesty or Comprehensive Reform or Dream Act) is out of the question with the majority of Americans and the growing membership of the Tea Party steadfast in their resolve. We have already had six hidden amnesties since Ronald Reagan’s unenforced 1986 immigration law and we pro-sovereignty groups are suspiciously watching for these irregularities. NumbersUSA does not disguise the facts from the Leftist editorial, but offers disquieting statistics and what is really being done to stem the ever increasing tide of illegal immigrants? The US Government does not always tell The People the full truth, so those interested in the corruption and details emanating from Congress and State Capitols on the illegal immigration issue should investigate the website of Judicial Watch. If you want to call your federal or State Representative directly, find the phone number in the blue pages of your phone directory.


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