Some Views on Rep. Peter King’s Hearings on Islamic Extremism


Robert Spencer and Pamela Gellar on Fox News support the hearings.

Here’s Al Jazeera’s very predictable response to Rep. King’s initiative.

Rep. King does have a problem, with his past support for the Irish Republican Army, a position common to many Irish Americans, particularly in Massachusetts and New York.

While originally patriotic and Catholic, by the 1970s, the I.R.A. was largely internationalist and Marxist.

What many American supporters like King failed to realize, was that the I.R.A. was fighting, not just for a “United Ireland”, but for a “United SOCIALIST Ireland”.

The I.R.A. was part of the Soviet sponsored international terror network that included the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Japanese Red Army, Latin American narco terrorists etc.

Modern Islamic terrorism serves the the same Russian masters that the I.R.A. did in the 1970s and 80s.

I wish Rep. King well in his hearings, but if he follows this line as far as he should, he is going to have to confront some very uncomfortable truths.

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