RADIOACTIVE CLOUDS Identified – current tracking on JET STREAM data – March 13, 2011

It must be said.. I MAY BE WRONG.. and all this is very personal for me.. since i have friends AND family out west…

I personally am leaving saint louis missouir for one week.. 7 days from tomorrow night 3/14/2011 … we ard going south to avoid any current jet stream flow. I personally plan on being along the coast of florida.

IMO (honestly) in my opinion ONLY… I

IF you plan on leaving.. Florida, southern texas, norhtern mexico, lousiana , alabama mississippi, georgia, and MAYBE south carolina will most likely avoid the “direct” jet stream…

track national radiation:

The reactor BLEW 20 hours ago !! you only have 1 day to evactuate to the south EAST … in my honest opinion.. the time to leave is now

link to story here: links for weather and jet stream below

here is the link to the confirmation of the FIRST meltdown:

all links below for monitoring this situation:

Cesium in the air = some kind of meltdown

Don’t be scared.. be prepared.. seriously… I hope I am wrong, and I have to eat crow.. but im going off of ASAIN MSM REPORTS of meltdown .. linked below.. and now Michio Kaku AND BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY.. who they have brought on to discuss the “potential” meltdown, and the VERIFIED DETECTED CESIUM IN THE AIR… which means RODS HAVE MELTED!!!!

below I have provided links to monitor the jet stream flow of the “radiation” cloud once it reaches altitude to move eastward towards the United states. below is the PROJECTED map making its way around the internet.. the only actual map I could find showing anything to expect.
The reactor has blown .. radiation is detected, people have died and will get sick.. I don’t know why CNN isn’t reporting the meltdown that is being talked about via the below links over in Asia about 6 hours ago!!!

also, here is the “A is for Atom” – video for “children” all about “atoms” and “radiation” :

Projected LETHAL fallout radius:

link to read about the “china syndrome” mentioned by Michio Kaku today on Fox news:

link to asian story reporting meltdown…


info on CURRENT USA radiation:
info on nuclear fuel:

description of the reactor event from a professional in the industry

monitor the weather , and more importantly the FLOW OF THE JET STREAM here:

Office of Radiation Protection – Washington State Dept. of Health –

Office of Radiation protection – Washington State Dept. of Health – Radiological Emergency Preparedness

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