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America’s BIGGEST political donor is not corporate America, bankers, Insurers or Wall Street. It is the National Education Association(1), which gave over $56 million(2) in campaign donations in the election cycle 2008 alone, and American Federation of Teachers(3), which gave over $12 million(4) in 2008. Combined, these two teachers unions gave over $68 million in 2008, ALL of it to Democrats.

Still trying to figure out why Democrats are desperate to save the public sector unions?

Democrats scramble to prop up public sector unions not on behalf of teachers or students, but rather on their own behalf, as the NEA is the single largest political donor in America today and they give almost 100% to DEMOCRATS! In short, without millions in campaign funding from the national teachers union, teachers would be better off, but Democrats would be in DEEP trouble!

Lately, there has been a lot of leftist press drivel about Republican supporters, the Koch brothers and Koch Industries, which has given some $11 million in campaign donations over the last ten years or so, 89% of it to Republicans. They aren’t even an ant in the sandbox of politics, compared to the NEA, which is more like the sand in the sandbox.

Koch Industries ranks #83 on the TOP 100 list of political donors. They are nothing compared to the NEA who gave more than $56 million in 2008 alone, essentially ALL of it to Democrats, and ranks #8 on the TOP 100 donor list.

Teachers working in the National Public Indoctrination System need a labor union for one reason only, to raise money from teachers to support the Democrat Party. Teachers, half of whom are fed up with federal indoctrination mandates, are NOT the winners in the current system. Leftist Democrats are, and their union thug buddies who advance their international socialist agenda via the Democrat Party, paid for largely by public school teachers.

I get why Democrats are scrambling to save the public sector unions, and even why other public sector employees need a union so that they can’t be fired for not doing their jobs.

But why are teachers supporting all of this anti-American indoctrination with their union dues and protest signs?

In the good old days, we were told to look for the union label and buy products made in America. After labor unions ran private sector manufacturing out of America, government jobs is pretty much the only place you can find the union label.

Beyond George Soros’ ActBlue Democrat juggernaut, it’s the teachers union, the American Fedn of State, County & Municipal Employees of public sector employees, the mass media union and scumbag lawyer union American Assn for Justice, that make today’s Democratic Socialist movement possible.

Without teachers, government employees and lawyers, there would be NO Democrat Party or democratic socialism in America today!

How dare those evil Republicans try to liberate American taxpayers from these cut throat leftist thugs. No wonder Democrats ran away to Chicago as Gov. Walker moved to liberate Wisconsin taxpayers.

$68 million in campaign money buys a lot of loyalty from leftist Democrats, huh? The teachers should be ashamed to protest. Shut up and return to the classroom before we hire your replacements. Fire your unions and keep the $68 million to feed your families next time!

JB Williams


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