Guess Which ‘Progressive’ GOP Senator Opposes De-Funding Government-Sponsored Infanticide?

H/T Jared Law”:
‘Progressive’ Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) was the target of the Tea Party in Alaska; one of the few to survive the ‘progressive’ bloodbath of the 2010 mid-term elections.

Sadly, she is living up to her ‘progressive’ label; she’s about as far left as one can go and still claim to be a Republican; can you imagine a Republican in Utah, Texas, Virginia, or Florida openly calling for taxpayer dollars to go to Planned Parenthood, in a post-9.12 Project/Tea Party awakening America, having a chance of winning a U.S. Senate race as a write-in candidate?

What WAS Alaska thinking? How did the state that gave us Sarah Palin come up with this ‘progressive’ throwback, this dinosaur, from a less-enlightened political age?

One thing’s for certain: with Ms. Murkowski representing Alaska, it’s more likely that taxpayer dollars will be used against the will of taxpayers to continue the infanticide raging in abortion mills nationwide. The innocent unborn have even less hope of liberation from the murderous infanticidal ‘medical procedures’ used to kill them at Planned Parenthood.

Isn’t it TIME to recall Lisa Murkowski, Alaska?

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