NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Sticks Up for NPR: ‘Nobody Is Suggesting That Their Journalism Has Been At All Biased’

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Andrea Mitchell joined Democratic Representative Steny Hoyer in sticking up for NPR as the NBC correspondent, on her MSNBC show, declared: “Nobody is suggesting that their journalism has been at all biased.”

On Wednesday’s Andrea Mitchell Reports she regretted that outgoing NPR executive Ron Schiller’s controversial comments about its own funding and the Tea Party were going to make it harder for Hoyer and his ilk to keep funneling tax dollars its way. Mitchell whined: “We’re talking about pennies on the budget, so this isn’t really a cost-saving move, but now it’s become so politically fired up” and then added, “Nobody is suggesting that their journalism has been at all biased.”

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Hoyer joined in Mitchell’s assessment as he praised NPR’s journalists, “provide an excellent service to the American people” adding that while he thinks the “proper action was taken…it should not affect the debate with reference to the importance of having the National Public Radio and its affiliates, CPB as well, giving the kind of information and unbiased view, that I think they give.”

Later on in the show, Mitchell continued her defense of NPR, this time with Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor as she pleaded: “We’re talking about only two percent of the NPR budget and journalism that has really not been criticized. It’s unimpeachable, in terms of the work that’s being done in war zones around the world.” To which Cantor fired back: “Well obviously there are some differences, Andrea, with your statements about there’s never been any criticism about their reporting. I think that there are many Americans who, perhaps, may differ with you.”

However, by the end of the segment, even the liberal Mitchell was forced to admit: “No argument, they certainly gave you a loaded pistol and just said, ‘please fire.’ It’s obviously a big embarrassment for National Public Radio. “
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