Letter From WI/NEA To Teacher~Propaganda Forces American Conservatives Into SILENCE

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Letter From WI/NEA To Teacher~Propaganda Forces American Conservatives Into SILENCE

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Click on this pic and you will see what these EVIL people are up to.

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My wife is a teacher and gets propaganda from her NEA coordinator:

Here it is from (name withheld):

Dear (name withheld),

In the dark of night, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the Republican members of the State Senate showed their true colors.
They took 30 minutes to undermine 50 years of law protecting collective bargaining and workers’ rights. It’s now painfully clear. They will do or say anything to force through their extreme agenda that targets teachers, school support staff, nurses and other public employees – and devastates the hopes and dreams of working families.
It’s clearer than ever now: In Wisconsin and over a dozen states nationwide, we are in an all-out battle to protect our rights and secure our future.


Says Freedom Joe:

The Republican and conservative teachers are scared to talk. Trust me. I know. My wife tells me. She says others are being intimidated into not saying anything. So, this is what I keep telling her (my wife).
You need to start fleshing out other teachers who feel like we do. I guarantee you it shouldn’t be that hard. That stats clearly show 55% of teachers are Republicans, and almost 70% of Wisconsin voters agree with Scott Walker. They are with you. There is strength in numbers. You are the silent majority. You are being pushed around by a minority of people who are bullies. How do you deal with a bully? Stand up and be confident. Remove their false power. There is no fear when the majority are on your side. These are not basic unalienable rights the unions are fighting for. They are privileges, which are granted by the taxpayer. The taxpayer has NO say when unions collectively sit down and “bargain” for 100% health care coverage or 100% pensions. The taxpayer does not have the right (guaranteed by the US Constitution and inherent as a natural-(God-given) right), to have ANY say when unions rape the taxpayer for more money. This is NOT representative democracy, the very thing these thugs claim they want. The taxpayers end up paying for the public servants’ pay when the taxpayers are the majority, the VAST majority, and the union members are not; they are in the minority. This is not about the children. This is a temper tantrum of gimme gimme gimme.

The only thing the unions can come back with is shouting “shame, shame, shame”, and you want to strip away the rights of 300,000 people (population of WI is 5.7 MILLION people) so that they won’t be able to feed their families. Exactly how will allowing union members to elect to join a union, to pay 1/2 of what federal union employees pay for health care and asking them to make a modest 3% contribution to their 403b cause them and their families to STARVE.


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4 Responses to Letter From WI/NEA To Teacher~Propaganda Forces American Conservatives Into SILENCE

  1. themadjewess says:

    Yes, I read that mans site all the time.
    I am listening to these MORONS in paltalk saying that the unions are just ‘peaceful workers’…not violent… Are they INSANE?!


  2. themadjewess says:

    Iggymom, I added you as an author on my website, you can post anything you like, just only post links.

    Also- PAY ATTN to people posting on Becks forums, there is a LOT of news there.


    • a12iggymom says:

      Thanks, The Blaze has alot of good stuff, also check out Trevor Loudon, http://newzeal.blogspot.com. TheBlaze and Glenn Beck get almost all of the Obama news from there ( I hope he pays Trevor) and he reports on alot of the commies in this country. Sad, but we have to find out about the subversive scum in our government from offshore…our ‘4th branch of government’, the media is dead and has been for quite some time….


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