Al-Jazeera’s Double Exposure

The nation’s premier journalism school points to the Al-Jazeera TV network as a model for modern-day reporters. Meanwhile, America’s oldest media watchdog group is showing what makes Al-Jazeera run.
“Al Jazeera, the pan-Arab satellite network, showed global media how to cover a people’s uprising—by getting right into the thick of things and keeping the cameras running, both witnessing and propelling events,” an editorial in the March/April Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) read. The CJR is published by the Columbia University Journalism school.
Apparently, Al-Jazeera’s unblinking cameras still managed to miss the sexual assault of a CBS reporter by demonstrators in the “people’s uprising.” “Al-Jazeera’s correspondents, like other foreign media, faced police harassment and worse as Mubarak’s forces attempted, unsuccessfully, to shut down reports that were usurping state media propaganda.”

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