Incredible New Video: See the 9/11 Attacks From an NYPD Chopper

The day islam declared war on the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA:
Remember 9/11? It’s sad how the radical left-leaning news media refuses to show 9/11 footage anymore; as if they’re trying to erase our motivation to do anything about the spread, and infiltration of America by, radical Islam.
It’s equally sad that an anonymous release of this video clip, combined with distribution on a  secret file sharing network, was needed to smuggle this video clip out onto the Internet. What kind of nation have we become? This should have been available for everybody who wanted to see it, to see, and to remember, to never forget what happened on 9/11.
The chopper sound at the spliced end may be a carry over from a longer video. This video was a part of material provided by NYPD to NIST for the WTC investigation. Previous releases of NYPD material consist of a variety of packages, with redundancies, different namings and overlaps. To answer FOIA requests NIST digs through a vast collection to chop out a requested piece.



WTC Attack September 11, 2001 from New York Police Helicopter Video obtained by FOIA to NIST by an anonymous person who directed it be sent to Cryptome. Excerpt of the NIST letter.Quote: These electronic files image were provided to NIST by the New York Police Department. The City of New York has provided NIST with the following notice:”

Please take notice that the City of New York (“City”) has asserted that the contents of the enclosed DVD-ROM is protected under tbe Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. sections 101 et seq. Tbe City expressly reserves its rights in these materials, and requires that you obtain the City’s permission prior to any reproduction, modification, adaptation, recompilation, or other derivative use of each DVD-ROM or portion thereof, including any still image extracted or derived therefrom, and that the City’s permission be obtained prior to the commercial distribution of any video footage and of still or moving images extracted or derived therefrom in any medium, by sale, rental, lease, lending or other means.

The City requires that the instant notice accompany any moving or still images that you disseminate for any reason, including dissemination that complies with the fair use authorized by section 107 of the Copyright Act, and requires that each recipient of these materials comply with the instant Notice. Moreover, the City requires that a summary statement of its copyright be embedded in any moving or still images extracted from the enclosed DVD-ROM that are broadcast in any medium for any purpose. This summary statement shall read as follows: “Copyright (c) NYPD.” Please write to the New York City Police Department, Legal Bureau, 1 Police Plaza, Room 1406, New York, N. Y. 10038, for information about obtaining an appropriate license.” Unquote

The video has been uploaded as provided by NIST without modification. Original in VOB format, 700MB.

A related collection of 153 still photos from another NYPD helicopter: (64MB)

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Some comments:

I don’t understand. Japan did not kill as many of us in Pearl as the Muslins did on 911. We kicked Japan rear all the way back to the mother land. What are we doing today? Bowing down to them.

It is sad how many have forgotten how WE became one as a nation on that day. Now here we are, I cannot remember OUR country being this divided since this phony came into office. Let’s pray that our country can be great again when 2012 comes around. LET’s not forget what this guy is doing to this country. How can people be so blind?  And we have an administration who can’t even call this an act of Islamic Terrorism…

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