Look. America is awash in oil. We’ve got more oil than the Arabs! But – our government won’t let us get to it — and use it — and flip the bird to the Middle Eastern Oil princes

Estimates tell us that American oil could satisfy America’s need for fuel for up to for 2,041 years!


You can read about this, yourself, at the US Geological Survey website HERE.

So what the deuce is going on? I mean, why the heck are we Americans sitting on our hands and not DEMANDING that our government “cut the crap” and allow the oil companies to dig, and drill, for all this oil? WHY is the US continuing to ship our treasure and our blood to the Middle East — and to our unfriendly southern neighbors — for oil?

We are on the cusp of back-to-back recessions with the second dip looming today. The cost to Americans for oil is threatening to push us over that brink and into a recession that will, most likely, become a depression even worse than the one or parents and grandparents experienced in the 1930’s.

Who’s to blame? First we blame the environmentalists and others (including the US government) who have blocked all efforts to aid America in becoming independent of foreign oil! And second: If we are truthful, we must blame ourselves, as well, for allowing those people so much power and influence in the first place!

I must ask: Why are we allowing a small group of people to dictate our lives and our economy, indeed, our future as a viable nation?

It is past time to fight back America. Demand that the US Congress defund the Environmental protection Agency right off the bat. Get rid of it.

Just as important is the necessity to elect a President with the cajones to override the environmentalist and open up America to drilling and digging for our own vast reserves of oil sloshing beneath our feet and just offshore and under the tundra.

Understand this: The fantasy of wind turbines and solar panels is just that – a fantasy. The hard truth is – America needs OIL, and lots of it, to sustain our economy — and us.

The time is exceedingly short. America is facing ruin in a depression, which lies just over the horizon. We have to act now just to insure our survival as a viable nation. Even now, we may have waited too long.

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