Greenspan Says Government ‘Activism’ Hampering U.S. Recovery

by Jared Law
It appears that Alan Greenspan is finally realizing what our movement has always known: government intervention in the economy CANNOT POSSIBLY do a better job of running things as freedom, as a free market system. Our Founding Fathers had it right: more freedom, less government, less government interference, lower tax burden. Freedom is the answer. Government IS the problem!

While I don’t trust Alan Greenspan, at least he FINALLY recognizes the destructiveness of the Obama Regime’s level of government ‘activism!’ Or at least…pretends to. It’s so difficult to know what he really thinks; I mean, his wife works at MSNBC, and they spin everything in favor of the Obama Regime, and Alan Greenspan has proven to be a fraction as good at predicting the economic downturn as Glenn Beck has been; likewise, Alan Greenspan has been horrible at prescribing a cure, which all principled patriots already know by heart:


Here’s the story from Bloomberg:
Greenspan Says Government ‘Activism’ Hampering U.S. Recovery
By Scott Lanman – Mar 3, 2011 3:06 PM MT

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said a surge in U.S. government “activism,” including fiscal stimulus, housing subsidies and new regulations, is holding back the economic recovery.

Increased bond issuance by the Treasury Department crowds out borrowers with the weakest credit ratings, Greenspan said in an article in International Finance, published on the Web today. At least half of the shortfall in companies’ capital spending “can be explained by the shock of vastly greater government- created uncertainties embedded in the competitive, regulatory and financial environments” since the failure of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (LEHMQ) in 2008, Greenspan said.

Greenspan’s conclusions fit with his long-held free-market ideology and may aid Republican lawmakers who argue that cutting federal spending now will help spur job growth. Critics including members of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission have said Greenspan’s failure to regulate the mortgage market last decade helped fuel the housing bubble whose bursting precipitated the financial crisis.

“Much intervention turns out to hobble markets rather than enhancing them,” said Greenspan, 84, who was appointed Fed chairman by Republican President Ronald Reagan in 1987 and served until 2006. “Any withdrawal of action to allow the economy to heal could restore some, or much, of the dynamic of the pre-crisis decade, without its imbalances.”

NBC_WSJ_PollEconomy.2011.02.jpg?width=640A Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll shows two clear themes. 1) That the American People are concerned about the economy and runaway government spending, and 2) That the American people don’t understand how critical it is to ‘fundamentally transform’ socialist entitlement programs into something more stable, and cut them in a reasonable manner, as well as get runaway education spending under control.

It also shows how effective America’s socialist indoctrination system public education system has been at convincing the American people that raising already-high taxes somehow makes sense. Nearly as many Americans are willing to destructively raise taxes as cut ‘important programs.’ We have our work cut out for us, patriots! We have TONS of identifying, recruiting, and educating to do!

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