A constant complaint by conservatives has been the use of tax dollars to put liberal and far-left voices on public broadcasting.

American Tax Dollars for Al-Jazeera-inspired Terrorism
By Cliff Kincaid | March 4, 2011
Why is it that some in the U.S. media and government want to bring this channel into America when the inevitable result will be more lives lost to Islamic terrorism?

An analysis of the propaganda campaign to get Al-Jazeera carried by more cable and satellite systems reveals an interesting fact. The terrorist TV channel is already available through something called MHz Networks. And it turns out that the MHz Networks is supported by the American taxpayers at the federal and state levels.

MHz Networks is a division of Commonwealth Public Broadcasting and receives over $2 million a year from federal and state governments. In this case, because Commonwealth is based in Virginia, the culprit is the state of Virginia. However, Governor Robert F. McDonnell has proposed eliminating state funding of public broadcasting by cutting $2 million in fiscal 2012 and $2 million in fiscal 2013. Even if state legislators go along with this proposal, that still leaves the federal subsidies for Commonwealth and MHz Networks.

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