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Dear Paula ,

This week, my colleagues and I were shocked and appalled to find a provision in the Obamacare bill which appropriates $105 billion towards its funding- a complete and fraudulent circumvention of the legislative process.

In the bill, instead of following the rules and letting the next Congress go through the appropriations process, Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats appropriated billions of dollars in funding for Obamacare without holding a single hearing, or even allowing Members of Congress a chance to read the bill. I guess this is what Nancy Pelosi meant when she said “we have to pass the bill, so you can find out what is in it.” Even Democrats in Congress were surprised to hear this shocking news.

Without further action, the bill will be funded, and our efforts will have failed.

I’ve drafted a petition, and recorded a special video message, to ensure that ObamaCare is defunded. I urge you to immediately take a minute to sign this petition and watch the video by following this link. We must immediately send a message to every Member of Congress that even a single dollar more of federal spending is unacceptable until Obamacare is defunded.

On Tuesday, I will meet with Members of Congress to discuss immediate plans to rescind this existing funding, and return Obamacare’s fate to the hands of the people, who overwhelming rejected it in November’s elections. At Tuesday’s meeting, I will challenge Members of Congress to stand against the undemocratic actions of the Reid-Pelosi-Obama apparatus, and vote against any additional government spending until Obamacare is completely defunded.

I need to know you are 100 percent behind my efforts to expose the back-room dealings and secretive tactics Pelosi and Obama have tried to use. I need to know you want Obamacare defunded once and for all. Follow this link right away to sign the petition to defund Obamacare!

In November, the American people clearly and emphatically cast their ballots against Obamacare and the big-government agenda advanced by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. We must stand our ground to defund Obamacare, and we must move quickly to make sure that no taxpayer money is spent on our watch. By signing my petition, you will tell Congress where you stand: against the undemocratic and secretive actions of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, and for our shared Constitutional conservative values.

Please take action before it is too late!

Finally, I ask that you share this petition on Facebook, and forward this email to your friends and family to spread the word. It is our charge to stop this unconstitutional government take-over of our lives!


Michele Bachmann

P.S. As a constitutional conservative, I am motivated now more than ever to repeal Obamacare and the first step towards this goal is making sure that it doesn’t receive a dime of your tax dollars. Although House Republicans voted overwhelmingly last month to defund the Obamacare law, our vote does not apply to the billions already secretly and fraudulently appropriated by the old Democratic Congress. I need your immediate help to send a message to every Member of Congress. We must immediately defund Obamacare! Please follow this link to sign this petition and pass this email along to your friends and family to spread the word. Thank you!

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