VIDEO: Egyptian Rev & MusBro Explained by General Boykin: Excellent

H/T Dorrie:

All you need is this video, and the video I sent out not long ago by Tom Trento and John Guandolo, and you’ll thoroughly understand what’s going on in the Middle-east and Africa as of 2/7/11.

Libya falls under the same thought- and end-result base as do all the other uprisings. The Muslim Brotherhood is reestablishing the caliphate virtually as we speak.

The uprising in Bahrain is a little different, I think (thanks to some coaching by a good friend). It’s largely Shi’a. Iran and the MusBro (Sunni) are making nice right now, but if Iran can push thru Bahrain to get to the Saudis (Sunni) to take down the house of Saud, it’ll be another Shi’a v. Sunni war again in no time.

Which, of course is not new, but helpful to us at the moment as an effective distraction from the MusBro’s relentless press against Israel.

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Uprising in Cairo Egypt

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin

Monday, February 7, 2011

Taken from a recent Sunday morning service at MorningStar Fellowship Church, General Boykin draws attention to the situation in Egypt, bringing light to the events behind the current upheaval, and illustrating shocking truths about the Muslim brotherhood that are not being covered in the news media.

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