The new ‘American Dream’ – socialists behind protests

This weekend, there protests and rallies all over the country that were part of Van Jones’s “American Dream” movement. And, wouldn’t you know it, most of these rallies had a heavy socialist and anarchist presence, especially the headlining event in Washington DC where Van Jones spoke.
“[Van Jones] had a Restore the American Dream rallies from coast to coast idea,” Glenn explained on radio this morning.
“Wait a minute, that wasn’t his idea. That was actually put together by a leftist council in 2008 where they talked about the Restore the American Dream and they did it with Islamicists and radicals and communists and labor unions. Oh, well, it must have been completely different. Because his Restore the Dream movement is exactly the same as that one.”
“But pay no attention to that. This one definitely has no communists or anarchists or anybody else involved. It’s just good people, in his words, finding the moral center. That’s what it is. So what is the moral center? Who’s behind the moral center?”
The journalists at decided to look at the people who make up Van’s “moral center”, and they found some interesting sponsors of the American Dream movement.
Who filed the permits for the rally in DC? The International Socialist Organization!
“The International Socialist Organization is committed to building an organization that participates in the struggle for justice and liberation,” Glenn read from their website.
“The American dream is social justice and liberation and ultimately a future for a socialist society. They go on to say the misery that millions of people around the world face is rooted in a society we live in, capitalism, where a few who rule profit from labor of the vast majority of the population. The U.S. is a ‑‑ in the U.S. a tiny proportion of the population enjoys fantastic wealth, while millions of people live in desperate poverty and many more live paycheck to paycheck. Yet we have the resources to feed, clothe and educate everyone on the planet. A world free of exploitation, socialism, is not only possible but worth fighting for. The ISO stands in the tradition of revolutionary socialist Karl Marx, V. I. Lenin, and Leon Trotsky, in the belief that workers themselves, the vast majority of the population, are the only force that can lead the fight to win a socialist society. Socialism can’t be brought about from above. It has to be won by the workers themselves,” Glenn continued.
“I just want to, just want to point out here, it can’t be won from above. It’s really top down, bottom up, inside out. The Democratic Party much like the Republican act in the interest of corporate America and the privileged few at the top. Therefore we don’t support their candidates. We see our task as building an independent socialist organization with members organizing in our workplaces, our schools, and our neighborhoods to bring socialist ideas to the struggles we’re involved in today. The vision of a socialist world in the future.”
Stu filled the audience on on the rest of the movement’s sponsors. “It’s interesting, too, Glenn because the event itself was brought to you by multiple groups you might be familiar with that wouldn’t normally identify themselves as socialist such as SEIU, the AFL‑CIO,,, Democracy for America, Green for All, Van Jones’ group, the Daily Kos, how about, the Sierra Club, Media Matters! They’re all banner sponsors for this puppy.”
So the permits were filed by the International Socialist Organization, the rally was sponsored by leftist and marxist groups, yet Glenn is the crazy one?
“Interesting enough, Glenn, is that your conspiracy theories have now come to the point where you’re so good at them that you will actually infiltrate these organizations and plant the conspiracy inside of them so that they act in the same way that your conspiracy theory predicts,” Stu joked.
Stay tuned to and to see more examples of Glenn’s “crazy theories” coming true.
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