1 Vs. 100 Tea Partier defends himself against Union Members (Videos)

by Michael Simpkins https://sites.google.com/a/truthaboutbills.com/www/News-Feed/1vs100teapartierdefendshimselfagainstunionmembersvideos

Yesterday protests were held in every State Capitol. Union Members with the organization of MoveOn.org rallied together to protest what has been going on in the State of Wisconsin. Even more so to protest the decisions of Governor Scott Walker. However, there were a few brave Tea Party Members who were there to show their support of the Tea Party movement. In Particular one Tea Party member took on a crowd of union members in their arguments. During the fierce debate Elliot remained calm and collected. While the union members would drown out Elliot as he spoke, Elliot would give each and every union member the chance to speak and try to refute his arguments for the Tea Party. Throughout much of our video the union members resorted to chants, language and name calling when they were unable to come up with a valid argument for the BRAVE Tea Partier. We here at Truth About Bills applaud Elliot for his charisma during the heated argument. We hope that one day the union members can take a page out of Elliot’s book and have a real discussion. Below you will find two videos of Elliot as he took on the union members.

Union Members Gang up on a Tea Partier

Union Members Gang up on a Tea Partier – Part 2

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