Liberal Anglican leanings steer many away

Anglican Church
Charlie Butts – OneNewsNow – 1/31/2011
Conservative Anglican leaders have ducked a bi-annual worldwide meeting called by Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, because of the push by the North American contingent of Anglicans to accept homosexuality.

Jeff Walton, communications manager for The Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD), explains that many in the worldwide Anglican Church are separating themselves from the communion.

“They’ve made requests of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada, which are both theologically quite liberal, and those requests have been, ‘Do not take part in the consecration of additional openly-partnered gay bishops, and do not bless same-sex unions,'” Walton explains.

Jeff Walton (The Institute on Religion and Democracy)Both of those segments of the worldwide Anglican Church have ignored the request, so at least a dozen leaders, which are known as primates, avoided the meeting, as they suspect it was meant to be an outlet to keep both sides in the conversation.

But since the Anglican leaders do not believe that would do much good, Walton reports that they saw no reason to “fly all the way to Dublin, Ireland, to take part in a conference that ultimately will have no purpose and will have no consequences for the Episcopal Church or the Anglican Church of Canada.”

But the IRD communications manager adds that homosexuality is not the only issue; it is more about the fact that liberal Anglicans are turning away from the true meaning of scripture. Meanwhile, he says conservative churches seem to be vibrant, while liberal churches are counting more and more empty pews.

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