The American left must think that Americans are incredibly stupid; we would have to be to buy into this garbage!

Ronald Reagan – Progressive Icon? H/t Jared Law

Desperate Left Legacy Theft “Obama Is More Like Reagan Then He Anyone Else”

Peggy Noonan Schools Liberals Trying to Rewrite Reagan

Below you’ll find an excellent editorial from the Washington Times. They expose the ridiculity of the notion being promoted, that Ronald Reagan was a ‘normal conservative,’ and that the Tea Party consists of a bunch of extremists.

The fact is that if Ronald Wilson Reagan were alive today, he’d eat the Progressives’ lunch. He’d dominate and decimate them. His character was assassinated weekly by the press; they hated him with a vehement passion that hasn’t been matched except for the recent hatred by the radical left directed at the Tea Party movement.

And Ronald Wilson Reagan would be a hero of the Tea Party movement.

Which, to be honest, he already is.

But he was placed where and when he was by Almighty God, and he fulfilled his purpose in magnificent fashion.

Now it’s our turn, as individual Americans.

The power of the Internet and Talk Radio, not to mention Fox News Channel, make it possible to have success DESPITE not having a Ronald Reagan to lead us (although I miss President Reagan terribly)! It would be far easier if we had a Reagan or a Washington to lead us, but since we do not, we’ll

As the intro music to Glenn Beck’s program sings: “We Will Be The Key!”

It’s almost pathetic to watch, except millions will see that sort of crap, millions who haven’t paid attention in the past, and are just tuning in now. We must continue to reach out to all of our peers: our friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, church congregation members, our clients (if we own a business), our customers, etc.

Before the editorial, here’s an excellent video clip contrasting Ronald Wilson Reagan with today’s radical leftist ‘Progressives’ (find dozens more video clips

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EDITORIAL: Ronald Reagan, liberal hero

The left tries to kidnap the Gipper

Ronald Reagan said, “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.” This tendency is on full display as the left tries to redefine the Gipper as the respectable conservative alternative to today’s purportedly “extremist” Tea Party movement.

On Sunday, ABC‘s Christiane Amanpour waxed nostalgic on the “long and venerable tradition of conservatism in this country” as exemplified by President Reagan and William F. Buckley Jr. “People are looking at the Tea Party and saying this is not conservatism as we knew it but it’s extreme,” she speculated. The supposed radicalism of today stands in contrast with what she called the “intellectual conservatism” of the Reagan era.
This left-wing promotion to intellectual respectability would come as a surprise to Reagan

, who was called a lot of things by liberals but never “intellectual.” In general, liberals viewed the Gipper with feelings ranging from condescension to disdain. He was called an extremist, a simpleton, a kook, a Cold War throwback, reactionary, superficial, fanatic and racist. He was either too old to hold office, too crazy, or both.

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