Rally in support of Egypt protests planned near Super Bowl

H/T Dorrie….was alerted to this little notice in the Star-Telegram today (2/4/11):

Rally in support of Egypt protests planned near Super Bowl

“Area residents hoping to raise awareness of the protests in Egypt plan to take their case to the Super Bowl on Sunday. In support of the thousands seeking to oust President Hosni Mubarak, they are planning a “Super Rally for Solidarity” with the people of Egypt from 2 to 6 p.m. on East Randol Mill Road and Legends Way in Arlington, between Cowboys Stadium and Rangers Ballpark. Organizers say they expect several hundred people to attend. Organizers suggest parking at the Dar Elsalam Islamic Center, 500 W. Road to Six Flags, or at the Center Masjid, 1700 S. Center St., where shuttles will be provided to take protesters to the rally.”Sounds plenty innocent, huh? What could be more American than a rally for something? Not the case here. The “area resident” planning this is the Muslim American Society of DallasFt Worth. MAS is an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood. There are no good Muslim Brotherhood affiliates, but this one is really not good at all. http://www.investigativeproject.org/documents/misc/44.pdfThe fact that they’re rallying for Mubarak’s ouster is definite proof they’re up to no good. The MB was formed in Egypt in 1928 with the long-term goal of restoring the Islamic caliphate in order to make Sharia law the law of the world; i.e.: all non-Muslims have to submit to dhimmi status or get killed. The MB was behind Anwar Sadat’s assassination in 1981, which was planned to totally disrupt Egypt and get the MB members elected to parliament.

Instead, Egypt got Hosni Mubarak as the next President, and Mubarak outlawed the MB from running candidates for Parliament — the group had just killed his boss, after all (however, they managed to get 20% of their people in in the 2005 elections). The MB has been a vocal thorn in Mubarak’s side and they revile his treaty with Israel, which is the main thing keeping Israel safe in that part of the world from the Islamic forces doing their best to destroy that little slip of a country. Hamas, another creature of the MB, is poised on the other side of Israel to wreak as much damage as it can, too.

That treaty is also the one thing protecting our ability to get crude oil thru the Suez Canal. The MB will rip it up as soon as it can, take control of the Suez Canal, join forces with the Saudis (well, they already are joined: al-Qaeda, anyone?) and stop shipping thru the Red Sea. We, then, are screwed, cuz we’ve not had the common sense to drill here, drill now.

Globally speaking, this is what this “rally in support of Eqypt’s protestors” is really about. It sure as heck isn’t freedom and democracy and good wishes. It’s about putting the MB in charge of Egypt. And in the US, if you’re ready to connect the dots on that.

The friend who sent me this article had a more local take on the problem: “The thinly veiled reason for this rally is to increase the influence of the local Islamic group named in the article by entangling the NFL, Jerry Jones, and/or Mayor Cluck in negotiations to increase their local power and influence [over the city council and community]. This is a technique known to professional community organizers. The best approach is to avoid negotiations, require compliance with all local ordinances, and label this demonstration as a provocation designed to increase power and influence.”

Can’t argue with that. The Muslim Brotherhood will slip into every crack and crevice it can find to destabilize the US, city council by city council, etc.

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