Media Gives Schumer a Pass While Attacking Palin and Bachmann

By Don Irvine | February 4, 2011

Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann have become common fodder for Chris Matthews and the gang at MSNBC in particular, but when Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) committed a gaffe on Sunday they were deathly silent. Matthews, who has cited Palin over 400 times in the last couple of years (and not in a positive way), has now turned his attention to Bachmann by calling the Minnesota Congresswoman a “zombie” or “balloon head.”

Fox’s Megyn Kelly discussed whether or not all the attention of the gaffes made by Palin and Bachmann were due to sexism or some other type of bias:

Schumer’s gaffe about the three branches of government had to be at least equal, if not more egregious, than anything Palin or Bachmann has said recently. We have heard nary a word on this error. Kelly asked Democratic strategist Dan Gerstein what his take was on this and stated “I don’t think this is evidence of sexism, I do think there is media bias” and that Schumer gets some latitude because people think he’s smart.

What? He admitted there is media bias and he didn’t put the word conservative in front of it. Does that mean he admits there is a liberal media bias against Palin and Bachmann? While there may be some sexism involved it is clear that it is really a bias against these women because they are strong and effective conservative leaders who have built a large following, frightening the liberal media. Schumer didn’t get a pass because people think he’s smart. They know he misspoke as Gerstein said, but because he is a powerful Democratic member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the media wouldn’t embarrass one of their own.


The left’s next target: buying journalists

Free Press – the progressive group who has the ear of the FCC and White House – has previously called for the government to start using the AmeriCorps system to fund ‘news gathering organizations’ and journalists.  Earlier this year George Soros took the first step and paid for 100 journalists at NPR – and now the FCC is quietly pushing companies to partner with certain non-profit journalism centers. One guess as to what ‘non-profit’ firm the FCC has forced NBC newsrooms to ‘partner’ with…get the answer from radio today.

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