It is not “radical extremism” islam, it is plain, everyday islam…it is what the ‘book’ teaches, the radicals are the zuhdi Jassers who want the seperation of mosque and state, not shariah law…

Shocker: Glenn correct, Glenn haters wrong

Two nights ago when Glenn told the audience to do their own homework and look up and learn about the Caliphate, instantly Caliphate launched to #1 on Google Trends most searched topics. Glenn asked the audience to go to work again, this time the subject was Islamic Socialism — and it promptly launched to #1. All the Glenn haters in the media are ramping up the hate – but do they have any facts to back up the rhetoric? Nope – but Glenn does. Get the details from radio today.


Beck’s Matthews-Mocked Conspiracy Confirmed: Video of US Communists, Socialists & Labor Unions Working With Muslim Brotherhood-Associated Groups

For those who want to know who the Muslim Brotherhood is go its English web site. Look at the Communist advertisement .
We Must Be Followers
Since the Muslim Brotherhood believe in this understanding, they demand that the people work so that the foundations of modern Eastern resurgence are built on the basic principles of Islam, in every aspect of life. And they believe that every feature of modern renaissance which is contrary to the principles of Islam and conflicts with the laws of the Qur’an only serves corruption and worthless experimenting, which after making enormous sacrifices the nation will not have benefited from. It is more advantageous for the nation which seeks revival to take the shortest route by adhering to the precepts of Islam.
The Muslim Brotherhood are not addressing their appeal to any one particular Islamic country. They are sending out their call, hoping that it will reach the ears of the leaders and chiefs of state in every country whose people follow the Islamic way of life. To that end, they are taking this opportunity which all Islamic countries are bound by, as they seek to build their future on solid foundations embodying the basic element of progress, advancement, and civilisation.
Reform the Law
Every nation has a set of laws in which the people partake their ruling. These sets of laws must be derived from the proscriptions of the Islamic Sharee’ah (drawn from the Noble Qur’an, and in accordance with the basic sources of Islamic jurisprudence). The Islamic Sharee’ah and the decisions of the Islamic jurists are completely sufficient, supply every need, and cover every contingency, and they produce the most excellent results and the most blessed fruits. If the punishments prescribed by Allah were carried out, they would be a deterrent dismaying even the most hardened of criminals, restraining even the habitual thug, and relieving governments of the annoyances of worthless experiments. Experience confirms and supports that, basic assumptions of modern legislation proclaim and sustain it, and Allah (SWT) has commanded and prescribed it:

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