Couric latest anchor mobbed by Egypt protesters

Katie Couric attempted to report from Egypt, but was repeatedly thwarted by mobs of protesters who kept running in front of her. She’s not the only one – Anderson Cooper has been attacked twice now, a Fox News crew was attacked, and Christiane Amanpour had to escape an angry crowd who claimed to ‘hate’ America. Watch the clip of Couric getting shouted down, Glenn’s reaction, and the latest on Egypt HERE.

More journalists attacked in Egypt

Friday, Feb 4, 2011

Yesterday, Glenn reacted to stories of journalists like Anderson Cooper who had been attacked while trying to cover the chaos erupting in the Middle East. Over the past twenty-four hours, more journalists are reporting horror stories of being attacked, kidnapped, mobbed, and more. Glenn has even spoken to a few people overseas, and he gave his reaction on radio this morning.
“It’s really frightening. I got some e‑mails from some friends over in Egypt last night. I read one of them to Pat this morning, and they are ‑‑ it’s frightening,” Glenn said.
“I wouldn’t want to be there. I would have gotten out long before now,” Pat said.
“I think if you’re one of these guys, I mean, if you’re one of these guys like Anderson Cooper, he’s nuts. He’s nuts. He’s always in the middle. It’s like, ‘Hey, Anderson, look, we’ve got a Molotov cocktail‑throwing crowd out there and they hate all people named Anderson.’ ’Can I get a camera inside the gas tanks that they’re using? They’re filling the bottles up?’ I mean, he’s nuts. Did you see him last night? It was in, like, a hotel room?” Glenn said.

Apparently, President Obama’s whirlwind tour not that long ago didn’t do as much to improve the image of Americans overseas, as foreign journalists appear to be getting blamed for the violence.
“Greg Palkot [of Fox News] and his cameraman were beat within an inch of their life,” Glenn said.
Pat went into further detail, explaining “Yeah, they were in a hotel that they were throwing Molotov cocktails at. A big fire started and so they had to run from the building and they ran right out into a group who started, proceeded to beat them. Then they’re beaten so severely, they’re taken to the hospital and the military detains him as an Israeli spy, had him blindfolded, accusing him of spying. That was a dangerous situation.”
“On Fox they are showing the unrest now in Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, Syria, Yemen and Egypt. But on MSNBC they are showing the peaceful crowds,” Glenn said, joking that MSNBC has been fast to let us know that everything is fine.

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  1. nied says:

    In Egypt there are riots, civil war in the capitals and the Western countries find a common position. Some, like UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon calling for free elections immediately, while Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Mubarak strengthens the back. Maybe that’s a good thing, because ultimately must decide the Egyptian people, how to proceed there. In my eyes this Mohamed ElBaradei only one who now wants to jump on the moving train to dust at times quickly president. He is in my eyes is not democratic legitimacy.


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