Stories around the Web Feb 1, 2011

What if government shuts off internet

Florida Judge / Healthcare unconstitutional

The Government’s Food Pyramid Correlates to Obesity, Critics Say

El Baradai Calls Muslim Brotherhood Threat “A Myth”…Just As Legit As “Marxist Party”?!?!?!…

…Brotherhood Not Extremist…

Jordan’s king dissolved the government

Winter Storm Already Causing Air Travel Headaches

Why so much snow ? Global warming…

Report: U.S. Intel Officials Warn Wall Street Execs of Al Qaeda Plot

Chris Matthews continues his hatred of Bachmann and Palin

Teen‘s Homemade ’Death Ray’ Melts Cans, Rocks, and Sets Logs on Fire

Breaking News: State Department Orders Non-Essential U.S. Personnel Out of Egypt

Severe weather storm crossing U S
Officials urged residents to stock up on food and medicine in advance of the storm in Chicago, which faced the possibility of flooding from 25-foot waves expected on Lake Michigan

Mubarak must leave Egypt for dialoge to start or bloodshed,7340,L-4022320,00.html

what if Egypt falls ?

Food, gas, money shortage
Food shortage

Van Jones attacks

Vid Shows Planned Parenthood Advising Pretend Pimp About Underage Sex Slaves

Al Qaeda May Be Targeting Wall Street Execs, FBI Warns

UPDATE 2-Joblessness, rising prices could spark war within nations: IMF chief

Death of cows brought to you by moldy sweet potatoes

Van Jones: Fox News Is “SATAN”

Maddow Falls for FAKE Story From Satire Web Site About Conservatives & Sarah Palin

Last Internet provider goes dark

Gaza activist: Hamas stops pro-Egypt rally in Gaza

How to Freeze the Debt Ceiling Without Risking Default

Internet Kill Switch: Glenn Beck gets it. Do you?

Certain opposition groups, backed by retired army and security forces officers are planning to take over a key delta city, proclaim it liberated territory and establish there a “Free Egypt” government

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