This does not surprise me, the UK has allowed the islamists to jihad unchecked for a long time….

Muslim in Full Islamic Garb Attempts to Shoot and Kill EDL Leader

I expect the mainstream media to say that EDL leader Kevin Carrol got in the way of the jihad bullet – that’s how subjugated and sick the media has become. And that’s if they report this assassination attempt at all. But speak candidly about Islamic jihad and violence and off to jail you got for hate speech.
This story is breaking but here is what we have so far. Chris Logan here:

I was just informed by a mate in the UK that one of the leaders of the English Defence League (EDL) was shot at by a Muslim in full jihad mode.

“It is with regret that I have to give you this expected news, but tonight we have seen the religion of peace in their full glory. One of the EDL leaders Kevin Carrol has been targeted by Muslim gangs in Luton and has been shot at several times. Details are a little sketchy as armed police have the area contained at present. Kev and his family are safe I can confirm that much. More info to follow.”


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