caller argues 3/5 clause, fails spectacularly

A perfect example of why you need to understand and debate history happened on radio today when Josh called in to slam Michele Bachmann and the ‘racist’ nature of the 3/5 clause. Progressives love to cite this as an example of how racist the founding fathers were – when in fact it proves the exact opposite.

It’s always interesting when a liberal calls into the show. Sometimes it sparks interesting, thought provoking debate, and sometimes it turns into an “Arguing with Idiots” segment.

Today, there was a caller who fell into the latter.

Glenn took a call from Josh, who wanted to debate the three-fifths clause and Michelle Bachmann’s statements. However, when Glenn started to ask him some basic history questions, the caller couldn’t answer and started to accuse Glenn of misdirection and ganging up on him.

“Who was John Quincy Adams’ protege? Who was the one that he took under the wing and said, ‘Listen, you have a chance of really being able to change things.’ Who was it?” Glenn asked Josh.

“This is a good tactic,” the caller immediately responded rather than trying to answer the question.

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