??? Spending the same as Investing ???

Amazingly, CBS host Chris Wragge calls out Senior White House Advisor, Valerie Jarrett for droning on and on about the ‘problems’ this administration inherited 78 years ago. He basically says that’s great, but what about going forward? That’s when the fancy new word for ‘spending’ was revealed: investing….

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The Bernays influence is going to be all over the State of the Union address tonight, as Democrats will start to use “investing” as their new buzzword to replace spending. Remember how public relation replaced propaganda? Same thing, just a different name. Pat and Stu had the story on radio this morning.

Pat played audio from Valerie Jarrett who said, “We are going to be investing in all kinds of ways that are going to create an incentive for jobs to be created right here.”

“And there’s the keyword for tonight. This, this will be the word: Investing,” Pat said. “We’re not going to spend anymore. We’re not spending. We’re investing. That’s great. So now it’s an investment.”

“Over and over and over that’s what you’re going to hear,” Pat added.

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