How much longer shall we allow our enemies to preach against us from WITHIN OUR great country?

Muslims Call for Dominance of America at UCLA Conference

January 22, 2011
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Thankfully, as the Sharia movement becomes more transparent, within America, more and more non-Muslims are taking the initiative and are doing their part in the never-ending information war. Earlier this week, these brave non-Muslims attended the Muslim Student Association’s (MSA) 13Th annual conference at UCLA. The theme, the message of the conference, was crystal clear: WE are the enemy, and Muslim are here to take over!

What the Imams Told Students at the UCLA Muslim Student Assn. Conference
Overview: The Muslim Student Association (West) held its thirteenth annual conference at UCLA from January 14 to 16. Several non-Muslim volunteers attended the sessions to observe what was being said. There were around 700 young Muslims at the conference. The ratio of women to men was about 2:1. The observers were amazed at the proficiency in the English language spoken without an accent, meaning that most of the attendees were American citizens of Muslim parents. Whenever the speakers used Arabic, they would usually translate it into English, meaning that most of the audience did not understand Arabic. The choice of speakers by the MSA is as revealing as what they said. These are the “role models” for the MSA, so additional information about them was added to the biographies which were provided at the conference. All meetings and social activities including the snack tables were strictly segregated by sex. About 95 percent of the women were wearing head coverings and modest, full-length clothes, and most of the men wore beards. There was also evidence of heavy financial support. Women conferees stayed in nearby hotels, but their portion of their room fees was only $25 for the conference. The sessions were intermixed with public prayers in the courtyards of the UCLA campus. (Note: bracketed and italicized comments are clarifications and reactions added by the observers.)

Now, we will take a look how our enemies are allowed to assemble and preach against us in our own backyard.

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