Homeless man w/golden radio voice in Columbus, OH (Updated-2)(UPDATE-3)

UPDATE: Ted Williams, ‘Golden-Voiced’ Homeless Man, Gets Job Queries From ESPN, MTV And NFL (VIDEO)

The “golden-voiced” homeless man became an overnight star on YouTube, with more than 4 million views. His story has already been featured on CNN and according to CBS News, he may have a few job offers coming his way.

Some of his prospects include a full-time job offer from the Cleveland Cavaliers, and queries from MTV, ESPN and the NFL, whose director of post-production films, Kevin McLoughlin, told the Columbus Dispatch, “My boss said to me: ‘If you don’t get him hired, you’re fired.'”

Williams appeared Wednesday morning on “The Early Show” on CBS to talk about the overnight success.

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NEW VIDEO: http://landing.newsinc.com/shared/video.html?freewheel=69016&sitesection=ndnsubss&VID=23308663

You won’t believe your ears.

Ted Williams, a former radio announcer who now panhandles on the side of I-71 in Columbus, Ohio, serenaded a Columbus Dispatch reporter recently with his amazing voice.

Carrying a sign that says he has a “god-given gift of a great voice,” Williams told the Dispatch:

“I just said, well, hey. I can’t be an actor, I can’t be an on-air personality, but the voice just became something of a development over the years and I went to school for it. And then alcohol and drugs and a few other things became a part of my life. I’ve got two years clean, and I’m trying hard to get it back. And hopefully somebody from one of these television or radio stations will say, ‘hey, I need a voice-over,’ or ‘ I need something.'”

Ted Williams is a radio announcer. He’s had his share of hard knocks, including drugs and alcohol. Now he’s homeless.
He has this God given voice.Good people deserve a second chance. Ted Williams is definitely one of them.
I hope & pray Williams gets his second chance. It’s amazing.

Throwing this video from the Columbus Dispatch out there, hoping we can find this talent a place to call home.

UPDATE-1: Many thanks go out to all of you who have been tossing phone numbers and e-mails my way for Ted’s sake. I went up to Hudson/I-71 (Columbus) today, but Ted wasn’t there. He is going to be on air tomorrow morning on radio station WNCI. I’ve left my contact info w/WNCI to call/e-mail me on a way to get your enormous opportunities over to him.

I’m going to give him a Trac phone (w/ample minutes) so that he can return calls to all of you.

Hopefully, in some way I’ll get in contact w/him. Peace.

UPDATE-2: To all those who have been writing me (as one of Ted’s only means of contact), I have learned that the radio station interviewing him tomorrow (1-5-11) a.m. is going to make him a formal offer. Whether true or not, we’ll see.

Hope it works out well for him. That was the whole point of me posting this video. I cannot thank enough everyone who was willing to do their part in offering Ted their helping hand.

Whoever lands him is certainly getting much more than a memorable personality; they’re getting a great human being as part of their team.

My best to all.

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  1. eternalu says:

    TSA stopped Ted Williams from getting on his flight from Columbus to NYC. No appearance on “The Today Show” on Thursday morning. No visit to 92 year-old Mom in Brooklyn. See, he didn’t have ‘proper ID’, said the TSA. So Ted spent today at the Columbus Courthouse, trying to figure out how to get a copy of his birth certificate. Obviously he did have some form of ID, but the TSA wasn’t satisfied with it. OK – What are we going to do about this out-of-control phony security dance? These blockheads, however, are typical of our society. Follow the little rule book, and throw common sense out the window. Wrong. No little rule book takes away YOUR OBLIGATION TO THINK FOR YOURSELF. There are times you have to make an exception. That’s “the exception that proves the rule”. It’s like the traffic cop giving the mother of the little girl in a coma in Las Vegas a ‘jaywalking ticket’ – gave it to her right in the hospital. Or the policeman giving a ticket to the Dad who raced to the hospital while his wife’s water broke in the car on the way to the hospital in New Hampshire. RETRAIN EVERYBODY OR FIRE THEM.


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