‘Booby-trapped’ pipe bomb found on B.C. hiking trail

VANCOUVER — A pipe bomb found on a path used by dog-walkers, hikers, cyclists and dirt-bike enthusiasts in British Columbia’s Interior was set to explode if a gate opened, police say.
The bomb — a metal pipe with explosives inside — was attached by a trip wire to the cattle gate on a rural property at the edge of the community of Merritt, said RCMP Cpl. Kathy Ecklund.
“We don’t know if it was directed at the property owner or just people in general,” Ecklund said. “It was booby-trapped so if anybody opened that gate it would set the pipe bomb off.”
The owner of the large property noticed the device Thursday morning when he was walking at the rear of his acreage, Ecklund said.
The man didn’t touch it, and called police, she said.
Police don’t know how long ago the bomb had been set — the property owner told police he hadn’t visited the area where it was found for several months.
The path, which is too narrow for full-sized vehicles, is used by hikers, cyclists, people walking dogs, and riders of all-terrain vehicles and dirt bikes, Ecklund said. http://www.vancouversun.com/travel/Booby+trapped+pipe+bomb+found+hiking+trail/4046793/story.html

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