With LaRaza calling for violence against whites and the Dec 20th “protests” across the nation, will we see LaRaza as depicted below??? Citizen journalists, BE PREPARED!!!


Protests in Europe Ahead of Euro Summit

Riot police are attacked by petrol bombs during clashes in Athens. Zoom
Riot police are attacked by petrol bombs during clashes in Athens.

Greece was hit by violent protests and a general strike on Wednesday and workers also demonstrated in other EU nations ahead of a summit on the euro. Merkel, under fire for her handling of the crisis, repeated her tough stance as Luxembourg’s foreign minister accused Berlin and Paris of “arrogance.”

Greece was paralyzed by a general strike and violent protests on Wednesday and trade unions staged demonstrations in France, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark and the Czech Republic against government austerity measures one day ahead of what promises to be a fractious European Union summit to agree on a permanent mechanism to handle future debt crises.

In Greece, which has been undergoing radical belt-tightening to meet the conditions of its €110 billion bailout by the EU and International Monetary Fund in May, a demonstration by 20,000 people turned violent when masked protestors clashed with riot police, hurling petrol bombs and stones. Police responded by firing tear gas canisters and flash grenades.
Flights were grounded, public transport and government ministries shut down and hospitals worked on minimum staff.
The Greek parliament agreed on Tuesday to further reforms including wage cuts for state-owned bus and railway companies and a weakening of trade union power to negotiate industry-wide pay deals. In future, company level wage agreements are to take precedence.
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Read the rest here: http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/0,1518,734811,00.html#ref=nlint

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