Mexican Flag Flown Above American Flag

Mexican Flag Flown Above American Flag

VIDEO: San Bernardino, CA: 11/29/10

VIDEO – See the Mexican Flag Flying Above The American Flag, in front of Marco Tires, 697 North Waterman Avenue, San Bernardino, CA 92410

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  1. Deborah T says:

    I called the tire store and a Mexican man answered. He spoke very poor English so I had trouble understanding him. I asked him why he was flying a Mexican flag over our American flag. He cut me off and said they changed things and apologized. I couldn’t understand him so I kept asking and finally figured out what he said. As far as I know he took the flags down but that’s not even the point now. I doubt he’s here legally for one thing. He should be investigated and not given the chance to forget hat he did.

    We all should continue to send the email around to everyone possible including media!


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