WATCH: Megyn Kelly Faults CAIR for Quashing Film on ‘Honor Violence’


For two nights running, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly criticized efforts by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) to impede screenings –on university campuses and elsewhere – of a film about “honor violence” against Muslim women.
Kelly last night questioned CAIR Chicago representative Agnieszka Karoluk on “The Kelly File” about the group’s opposition to “Honor Diaries,” a documentary that addresses abuses such as female genital mutilation, forced marriages, and the oppression of women in Muslim society – what one commentator in the film calls “systematic, institutionalized misogyny.”
Karoluk, herself a Muslim woman, said that although CAIR doesn’t oppose raising awareness, the source of funding for the film, the Clarion Project, is “Islamophobic.” The film’s backers, she said, “use it to promote their own hate-filled agenda.”

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“I’m not going to let you hijack this segment, Mr. Hooper. It’s not going to happen,” Kelly insisted after Hooper interrupted her. “Chuck Schumer came out and said, and I quote, ‘CAIR, we know has ties to terrorism. Prominent members of CAIR’s current leadership, also – excuse me – had intimate connections with Hamas.’”

Kelly accused the organization of playing the smear card against opponents:

“Your critics say that when you hear anything negative about you, you threaten a lawsuit. And the viewers should know that you have gone after and threatened Reader’s Digest, the American Medical Association, U.S. News and World Report, Atlantic Monthly, the Dallas Morning News, Fox News – we did a segment on Honor Diaries just the other week. You demanded a retraction, which you’re not getting. Every time you hear something you don’t like, you try to shut down the message. Whereas here in America, we like speech. Good and bad.”

Hooper, meanwhile, never refuted the charge by Sen. Chuck Schumer that Kelly cited, choosing to dodge the accusation:

KELLY: Have you come to a better place with Chuck Schumer?

HOOPER: When we had our annual dinner, we had, I think, 70 different letters of support from congressman. We had congressman appear at our banquets. We have relations where, on a daily contact with the FBI on civil rights issues, on a variety of things.

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3 From Pam Geller

Last night Megyn Kelly interviewed the notorious Ibrahim “Honest Ibe” Hooper. You can watch part one and my accompanying ), Ibe soils himself and exposes who and what both he and Hamas-CAIR really are.
These Islamic supremacists invoke freedom of speech, invoke the First Amendment to kill freedom of speech and undermine the First Amendment.
I am only sorry that Megyn Kelly didn’t give Ayaan Hirsi Ali this kind of time. Or Wafa Sultan, Nonie Darwish, et al.
I love how Hooper claims to be in constant contact with the FBI ( to which Kelly responds, “I bet you are”) never mentioning the 2008 FBI policy banning non-investigative cooperation with CAIR. The ban on interactions with CAIR resulted from an FBI investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood-created Hamas-support network in the United States.
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Megyn Kelly Embarrasses CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) exists for one primary purpose: to silence critics of Islam. The best way to silence critics of Islam, however, is to masquerade as a civil rights organization. Thus, CAIR pretends to be concerned about Constitutional rights, while demonizing anyone who dares object to jihad, sharia, and the abuse of women.

Sadly, the American media have been falling for CAIR’s tactics for years. Megyn Kelly is one of the few exceptions. Here’s her recent two-part obliteration of CAIR’s spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper.


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Muslims Gang Rape Elderly American Woman In Colorado, In Rare And Horrific Ways


The five suspects who are said to be in the country legally,although there is the possibility they could be deported.

This horrific incident occurred on July 21 2012 at the Wildridge Apartments Colorado Springs.It serves to remind us of the total depravity of the followers of an evil ideology that are being allowed to enter our countries still to this date.

America helped Iraq, and now the immigrants who the nation has brought within its borders, are introducing to the people the reality of Muslim cruelty and deviancy.

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BOSTON MARATHON: Woman who converted to Islam in honor of the Boston bombings is running the race this year wearing a Muslim headbag


Like many participants in the Boston Marathon on Monday, Leanne Scorzoni will be running to honor the victims of last year’s bombing. But Scorzoni will also be running in a hijab: she converted to Islam after the attack, and wants her participation to emphasize that Boston’s Muslim community was also hurt by the bombings. (Gee, she just converted and already she is playing the infamous CAIR ‘victim’ card)

New Yorker Scorzoni has never run the race before, but the thirty-two-year-old Boston native has watched from the sidelines for decades. Last year, Scorzoni staked out the same spot near the finish line and waited to be joined by a friend of hers named Sam. Unfamiliar with Marathon Monday tradition, he arrived late and, at about 2:30 P.M., he asked where the nearest bathroom was.

When the bombs exploded at 2:50, the two were browsing at a nearby Banana Republic on Newbury Street, approximately four blocks away from the finish line. The store’s loud music muffled the blasts, but when Scorzoni turned on her cell phone, she found dozens of texts from friends and family, asking where she was and if she was O.K.—she had been standing less than two blocks away from the initial explosion.

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You’ve heard what Justice John Paul Stevens wants to do to the Second Amendment — here’s what he’d like to do to the First

Previously we wrote about former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens’s desire to amend the Second Amendment, a position he reiterated during an interview with George Stephanopoulos yesterday. The practical effect of his amendment would be that Congress could pass a ban on individual gun ownership.

Today comes word via a New York Times article that Justice Stevens, who has been making the rounds in connection with his new book, “Six Amendments: How and Why We Should Change the Constitution,” would also like to override the First Amendment “to address what he [Stevens] said was the grave threat to American democracy caused by the torrent of money in politics.”

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens speaks with George Stephanopolous during an interview aired on ABC's "This Week," April 20, 2014. (Image Source: ABC News/This Week screengrab)

Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens speaks with George Stephanopolous during an interview aired on ABC’s “This Week,” April 20, 2014. (Image Source: ABC News/This Week screengrab)

To wit, Adam Liptak of the Times writes:

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Muhammad’s Crazy Thoughts About Animals

Master Muhammad seemed to fear and hate certain snakes, dogs, donkeys, monkeys, pigs, crows, scorpions, etc. The guy was a pretty messed-up dude—I’m guessing.

According to the Islamic texts Muhammad feared and hated many animals.

Apparently Muhammad had many “strange” ideas about animals. His ideas bring into question the sanity of the individual.

This article will consider the many odd statements that Muhammad uttered regarding animals. We will look at the seemingly crazy statements made by Muhammad in both the Hadith and the Quran.

As shown in the passages below, Master Muhammad seemed to fear and hate certain snakes, dogs, donkeys, monkeys, pigs, crows, scorpions, etc. The guy was a pretty messed-up dude I’m guessing…

Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 54, Number 518:

Narrated Ibn Umar:
That he heard the Prophet delivering a sermon on the pulpit saying, “Kill snakes and kill Dhu-at-Tufyatain (i.e. a snake with two white lines on its back) and ALBATROSS (i.e. a snake with short or mutilated tail) for they destroy the sight of one’s eyes and bring about abortion.” (’Abdullah bin ‘Umar further added): Once while I was chasing a snake in order to kill it, Abu Lubaba called me saying: “Don’t kill it,” I said. “Allah’s Apostle ordered us to kill snakes.” He said, “But later on he prohibited the killing of snakes living in the houses.” (Az-Zubri said. “Such snakes are called Al-Awamir.”)

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15 Year old boy save the life of Red Fox without concerns to his own life.

Luke Rowles when he was only 15, he saw a group of peoples in a garden, kicking and badly beating this poor fox whose mouth had been sealed shut with duct tape. This young guy went straight to them without concern to his own safety. The world really needs more brave heart people like Luke Rowles, with an unconditional will to help those in need.

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Imprisoned American Pastor Saeed Sends Easter Message From Iranian Prison

Pastor Saeed Sends Easter MessagePastor Saeed Sends Easter Message

American Pastor and father of two, Saeed Abedini, who has been imprisoned, beaten, and tortured in Iran for his faith, sends an Easter message to his supporters around the world from his hospital bed in Tehran.

Fox reports that Saeed, who has been hospitalized for the last five weeks, passed a letter to family members when they were allowed to visit him recently, and that letter was sent to his wife Naghmeh in Idaho. Previously The Inquisitr reported that Pastor Saeed was in “grave danger” in one of the “most dangerous institutions in the world.” He is currently hospitalized for internal injuries sustained during the first year of his eight year prison sentence. According to his attorneys with the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), Saeed is receiving some medical attention, but his much-needed surgery has not yet been addressed.

The plight suffered by an American citizen in Iran has captured the attention of people of faith all over the world. Raised as a Muslim, Saeed Abedini converted to Christianity in 2000. At one time he was a strong part of the underground church movement in Iran. However, at the time of his arrest in the summer of 2012, Saeed had returned to the country on a humanitarian mission – he was working to establish an orphanage for disadvantaged children. He was arrested and imprisoned for none other than his Christian faith.


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Again: Spectacular Fireball From Space Explodes Over Russian City (Video)

Originally posted on MidnightWatcher's Blogspot:

Fortunately, there are no reports of damage or injuries, this time …

RT – “A suspected meteorite explosion has been recorded by citizens of the northern Russian city of Murmansk.

Multiple drivers with dashcams out on the streets of the 300,000-people city at 2.10am on Saturday noticed a bright blue trail speed across the night sky, then explode while still in the air.

Most observers identified the object as a meteorite, though officials have neither confirmed it nor said where the fragments are likely to have landed. Others speculated that the object may have been space debris, re-entering the atmosphere.

Emergency services say there were no injuries as a result of the astral event.” Read more.

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Alarmingly high levels of lead, cadmium and mercury in cat treats and dog treats!

Dear NaturalNews readers, My research in our food lab has just turned up another shocking finding: alarmingly high levels of lead, cadmium and mercury in cat treats and dog treats!
Today I’ve published the full results: see the data for yourself and find out if your pet treats are clean or contaminated:

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FBI Tampa Office Stonewalls Producing Sarasota 9/11 Support Network Documents to Federal Judge Zloch That Could Implicate Imam Muneer Arafat.

Originally posted on Bill Warner P.I. 'Cheaters' & Child Custody Investigations:

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Al-Qaeda Linked Imam Muneer Arafat Shows up in Sarasota Working at ISSB Mosque That Raised Money for Families of Suicide Bombers Just Prior to 9/11 Ringleader Mohamed Atta. SARASOTA HERALD TRIBUNE: A federal judge has granted the FBI additional time to process records sought by the media concerning a Saudi Arabian family in Sarasota that hastily departed the United States in the days before the 9/11 attacks. The documents had been due to the judge for review on Friday but late Thursday, the government asked for more time. The assistant U.S. attorney representing the FBI and Justice Department said the materials that need to be searched comprise 23 boxes and 92,000 pages at the agency’s Tampa field office — some of which carry a “secret” classification. U.S. District Court Judge William J. Zloch gave the agency until April 25 to produce photocopies of the documents.

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