Former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell: ‘I would not be surprised’ if ISIS member showed up in a mall with AK47

by Dan Butcher • August 21, 2014

Former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell said on CBS This Morning that he would not be surprised if ISIS launched an attack in the United States.

“If an ISIS member showed up in a mall in the United States tomorrow with an AK-47 and killed a number of Americans I would not be surprised.

“Over the long-term, I worry that this group could present a 9/11-style threat,” Morell said.

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Ebola Survivor: ‘Today Is a Miraculous Day’

ABC News Videos

ATLANTA (AP) — Calling it a “miraculous day,” an American doctor infected with Ebola left his isolation unit and warmly hugged his doctors and nurses on Thursday, showing the world that he poses no public health threat one month after getting sick with the virus.

His doctors cautioned that it’s unclear whether the drug or a blood transfusion Brantly got from a young Ebola survivor in Africa was helpful.

“Experimental means exactly that. They are the very first individuals to have received this treatment and frankly we do not know,” Ribner said.


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Christian Worldview And Issues: The War On Christian Education Is About To Get Ugly


Christian Worldview And Issues

The War On Christian Education Is About To Get Ugly

In a recent article, Michael Zigarelli (of the Christian Post) sounded an alarm that was heard around the Christian world. The headline read, “The End of Christian Education.”
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Rise Of Islam Jihadists Prep For Takeover Of Spain

Jihadists inside Spain have begun prepping for a takeover of the nation by ISIS, also known as Islamic State, the terror army that has been marching across Iraq, destroying Christians and evidence of their faith and imposing the extreme control of Islam’s Shariah law.
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Christian Worldview And Issues

China Establishes New ‘Christian Theology’ To Control Its Christian Population

In a country known for quixotic public campaigns, China’s latest surely ranks among its most creative. The government will create a “Chinese Christian Theology” to guide the practice of Christianity in the country, the China Daily reported Thursday.
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leave.pngChristian Worldview And Issues

Learning From Young Atheists: What Turned Them Off Christianity

It’s something most Christian parents worry about: You send your kids off to college and when they come back, you find they’ve lost their faith. The prospect of this happening is why many parents nudge their kids towards Christian colleges, or at least schools with a strong Christian presence on campus.
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MRC: Networks Refuse to Mention Latest Fast and Furious Development

Networks Refuse to Mention Latest Fast and Furious Development

On Wednesday night, the major broadcast networks ignored the latest news from the Fast and Furious scandal as a federal judge ruled that the Department of Justice (DOJ) must turn over a list of documents regarding the botched gun-running scheme that was formally called Operation Fast and Furious. U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled in court hearing Wednesday that the DOJ will have until October 1 to produce what is known as a privilege log to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. According to an article posted on The Blaze: The judge’s order requires the department to produce all non-privileged documents and a detailed description of privileged documents. The committee will have until Oct. 17 to object to any withheld documents, according to a committee news release.

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President Obama Knew of ISIS’ Threat to Behead Foley

President Obama Knew of ISIS’ Threat to Behead Foley

August 20, 2014 By Greg Campbell

As ISIS dominates Iraq and terrorism is on the rise, our president remains on vacation and, seemingly, uninterested in doing anything to curb the rise of radical Islam throughout the world.

As Christians are routinely murdered for their faiths and the Jewish State of Israel continues to fight for its existence, our president offers shallow sentiments and weak follow-throughs on promises to keep America and her allies safe from the threat of terrorism.

The world watched in horror as American journalist James Foley was beheaded. The world was shocked and appalled except for the White House who, reportedly, knew of ISIS’ intentions before the beheading.

On Wednesday, ABC reporters Arlette Saenz and White House correspondent Jonathan Karl reported, “ISIS had recently threatened to kill U.S. journalist James Foley to avenge airstrikes the United States has conducted in Iraq, a senior U.S. official told ABC News.”

ABC News further reported,

At least one news organization said it notified the White House about threats it received regarding Foley. Phillip Balboni, CEO and founder of the online news service Global Post, told ABC News’ Brian Ross that the company received an e-mail on Aug. 13 demanding ransom and threatening to execute Foley. Balboni said the threat was shared with the White House.

Balboni said his news organization began receiving threats from Foley’s captors via e-mail as early as last fall. The final e-mail Balboni received was “vitriolic and filled with rage against the United States,” he said.

“It was deadly serious,” Balboni told reporters.

According to reports, militants have threatened to similarly murder American journalist Steven Sotloff, who went missing in August.

Foley and Sotloff were both presumed to be in the hands of Assad’s regime in Syria. However, if the Syrian government turned the captives over to ISIS terrorists, it will likely create friction in the already-tense relationship with Syria.

On Tuesday, Business Insider reported:

What is unclear is if previous investigations into Foley’s whereabouts were inaccurate, if ISIS militants somehow captured Foley from some of the regime’s most elite security, or if the Assad regime provided Foley to ISIS.

“Until recently, James Foley was thought to be in hands of pro-Assad forces. If Assad is handing over Westerners to ISIS to be killed, it indicates Assad feels cornered, looking for leverage,” BBC’s Kim Ghattas tweeted, adding that the assessment jibes with what she has been told by sources in Damascus recently.

Foley’s execution has garnered expressions of horror from many political pundits who eagerly look to the president to act.

However, not all reactions have been ones of sympathy for Foley and his family. After denouncing Foley as a “coward” for bending to the terrorist demands before his execution, one blogger has quickly become one of the most deservingly hated men on twitter.

What Foley’s execution illustrates, aside from the obvious barbarism with which we are dealing, is that the criticism of the Obama Administration has been well-deserved. While it would be illogical to expect the Obama Administration to shield all Americans in the Middle East from the prospect of danger, it is purely undeniable that radical Islam is not only on the rise, but meaning business.

The president’s foreign policy is one of ad hoc, moment-to-moment panic that accomplishes little in a time when the advances gained at great costs by the U.S. are slowly being undone in the Middle East.

From Russia to Syria to Iraq, Iran and North Korea, this administration has continually weakened the position of the United States on the global stage and the public execution of Foley serves as a brutal, macabre reminder that we are dealing with a savage enemy while our president is contented with foreign policy that revolves around strongly-worded letters, whining to the U.N. and the drawing of imaginary red lines that are all but ignored.

Please share this on Facebook and Twitter if you feel Obama’s foreign policy is endangering Americans.

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Help Us Stop This Clock! The clock is ticking… How many more days of paid vacation will Sharon Helman get for killing 40+ Veterans?

Sharon Helman, the former Director of the Phoenix VA, is the poster girl for the need for VA Accountability. Accusations of mismanagement including instances of manipulating patient data have followed at nearly every VA hospital she has run. CNN has even reported that her actions while running the Phoenix VA could have led to the death of up to 40 veterans either waiting for or receiving care there.

If she worked at a private sector hospital, she would likely be in jail. But since she’s a government employee, she gets a paid vacation.

It’s maddening, but true. Despite the fact that an Inspector General report and the VA’s own internal audit both found that she pressured employees to falsify wait time data and punished Phoenix VA whistleblowers on numerous occasions, Sharon Helman is STILL on the VA’s payroll — on PAID “administrative leave.” Even worse, the VA has been less than transparent about when – or even if – she will be disciplined at all. Sadly, the same is true for several other VA administrators that have been found to have engaged in misconduct.

Stories like these are the reason why Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) pushed so hard for the passage of the VA Management and Accountability Act. The newly enacted law gives the Secretary of Veterans Affairs greater authority to fire poorly performing or downright corrupt managers like Sharon Helman and others more quickly. But shockingly, the new Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Bob McDonald, has yet to use this power and has failed to send a message that days of dodging punishment at the VA are over.

CVA will continue to keep the pressure on Secretary McDonald and President Obama to ensure that senior managers like Sharon Helman are held accountable when they engage in wrongdoing.

The clock is ticking… How many more days of paid vacation will Sharon Helman get?

Will you do your part to help us stop the clock?

Sign the petition to #StopTheClock for Sharon Helman


For our Country and our Veterans,
Pete Hegseth
CEO, Concerned Veterans for America
Army Veteran of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo Bay
@PeteHegseth | @ConcernedVets

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Michael Brown’s Wounds, Posture When Shot + Pictures of Reggie White Running to Tackle

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound
Updated at bottom
In Twitter:




More at and via “Alleged, Anonymous Ferguson Testimony Corroborating Darren Wilson in Shooting of Mike Brown,” August 20, Gulag Bound



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Judge Orders DOJ To Turn Over Documents On Fast & Furious – Obama Admin Blames A gents

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TheBlackShpere: Dorian Johnson filed a false police report

Dorian Johnson Dorian Johnson filed a false police report

When you are trying to establish a narrative, it’s important that some information on the people involved not leak out.

Like the fact that Michael Brown was not the solid citizen that the media portrayed. But another slight “oversight” is with Michael Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson. Read this article

Ferguson Riots – The Victims You Are Not Hearing About

Ferguson Riots

As the violence and tension in Ferguson Missouri moves into its second week, we have heard many stories about Michael Brown’s guilt or innocence.

Brown, an 18 year old black teenager was shot by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, who is white. Wilson is the second victim of this horrific situation, yet not many people are discussing him.

No cop wants to shoot a citizen, unless he is a psychopath. And as information leaks out about the whole story, it seems that Wilson was attacked, and responded in what had to be an extremely difficult action. Read More:

Thug robs a 74 year old Grandma (video)


If you believe one side of the narrative around Ferguson, young black teens are targeted indiscriminately by police. But it’s their actions that make them targets.

Like this low life in this video.

NBA Star calls Sharpton a coon


Al Sharpton starting to resonate in the black entertainment community, but not like you might think. And though Ferguson may be waning, the bigger message cannot be driven home enough. And that is, “It’s time we put the race-baiters out of business!”

Pro baller, Gilber Arenas went off on Sharpton the other day, as Sharpton feathered his nest in Ferguson. I quipped that every time Sharpton shows up at a spectacle like Ferguson, he raises his appearance fees. Arenas knows what’s up as well. Read more at

Dorian Johnson recants statement in shooting?

Dorian Johnson recanted

I am still in NYC, and prepping for media. This came across my twitter feed, so please VERIFY for yourself.

According to this tweet, Dorian Johnson may have recanted his narrative of Michael Brown, now saying Brown did indeed attack Officer Darren Wilson. What will Eric Holder do? Read more at

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Attorney For Ferguson Market: NO ONE From His Store Called 911 To Report Cigar Theft – Customer Called

St. Louis local news is reporting that the Attorney for the Ferguson store, Jake Kanzler said the the Ferguson store owner, nor any store employee called the police to report any shoplifting of cigars, but, rather, a customer called the police. Please notice, the I was not able to embed the video of St. Louis local news but the video can be seen here)

REPORTER: The owner of the store dispute the claim that they or an employee called 911, saying a customer inside the store made the call. They also say St. Louis County issues the warrants for the hard drive of surveillance video Friday. [emphasis added by me]

the Ferguson Market attorney said police did not see the video until after the unarmed teenager, Michael Brown, was shot dead in the street.

REPORTER: “I asked the attorney for the owner of the store how the Ferguson police ended up with the video the Police Chief released this morning, the attorney said, ‘during the course of Ferguson’s investigation, the police department from Ferguson, came to the store and asked for to review the tape.”

WOW! St. Louis news goes on to report:

… the attorney wanted to emphasize the 911 call did not come from the owners or an employee.

WOW! In a separate news video (embedded below) the Ferguson Market attorney also says any alleged theft of cigars had nothing to do with Michael Brown being shot to death by Ferguson police:

See Video and Read More:

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