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VIDEO: Egyptian Rev & MusBro Explained by General Boykin: Excellent

H/T Dorrie: All you need is this video, and the video I sent out not long ago by Tom Trento and John Guandolo, and you’ll thoroughly understand what’s going on in the Middle-east and Africa as of 2/7/11. Libya falls … Continue reading

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Three Georgia women investigated for $1.5M in cash in luggage

BROWNSVILLE, Texas — Authorities are investigating three women from Dalton, Ga., after they say the women were caught trying to enter Mexico while carrying a combined $1.5 million in cash in their luggage. The San Antonio Express-News reports that the … Continue reading

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After touching your junk, TSA now wants to scan and harvest your DNA

(NaturalNews) As if it’s not enough for the TSA to feel you up at the airport, now they’re experimenting with rapid results DNA scanners that can scan and analyze your DNA using just a drop of saliva. Spit at the … Continue reading

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We need cellphones, cameras, and computers to start the revolution

The Green Movement The new generation in Iran is not hostile towards the West. The new generation in Iran seeks democracy and human rights. The new generation in Iran wants freedom from the oppressive regime. Watch this exclusive clip of … Continue reading

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Why Is MSNBC Allowing Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones to Hype His Truther Website?

MSNBC anchors, such as Chris Matthews, often rail about a supposed failure by conservatives and Republicans to denounce birthers from their ranks. Yet, host Contessa Brewer interviewed 9/11 truther (and seller of birther merchandise) Alex Jones on Friday, allowing him … Continue reading

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MRC: You Read It Here First: Coverage of MRC’s Expose of Wisconsin Coverage Double Standard

View the Video Here Tuesday’s Media Reality Check documenting the broadcast networks’ incredible double standard on protests — how reporters zeroed in on inflammatory signs to try and discredit the Tea Party while ignoring similar or worse signs at the … Continue reading

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Thugs, Social/Marxists and Madmen

Union Thuggery in Sacramento Posted: 27 Feb 2011 11:19 PM PST Listen to this union thug lie his little bald head off. Peace and Love in Wisconsin Posted: 27 Feb 2011 11:11 PM PST Strong language warning. Mad (ison) Man? … Continue reading

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Pro-Abortion Extremist Arrested By FBI For Threats vs. Pro-Life Activists

Pro-Abortion Extremist Arrested by FBI for Threats to Pro-Life Activists The FBI in New York has reportedly arrested Theodore Shulman, a radical abortion rights campaigner with a long history of threatening pro-life activists, and charged him with making interstate threats … Continue reading

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How Al-Jazeera Kills Americans

By Cliff Kincaid | February 28, 2011 Could its increased presence in U.S. media markets spark more terrorism on American soil from home-grown Jihadists? The U.S. media propaganda campaign in favor of Al-Jazeera getting on more American television networks, stations … Continue reading

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Do tyrants fear America anymore? President Obama’s timid foreign policy is an embarrassment for a global superpower

uh…no… February 28th, 2011 By Nile Gardiner Muammar Gaddafi with Barack Obama in 2009 (Photo: AFP/Getty) The débacle of Washington’s handling of the Libya issue is symbolic of a wider problem at the heart of the Obama administration’s foreign policy. … Continue reading

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